Personal shopping is often associated with discerning superstars and sumptuous luxury reserved for the few. It´s true that a personal shopper is luxury, but it´s untrue that it is an unattainable service for a small group of extremely wealthy. To get help with your wardrobe is not expensive, but on the other hand time-saving and "straight-to-the-point".

Each customer is treated individually, so I'm not a big fan of packaged solutions. If you are interested in learning more about how your wardrobe can be optimized, I look forward to hearing from you and explain how I see my contribution to a more fashionable season.

The Danish fashion scene is inspiring and varied. Danish fashion sets its own aesthetic agenda with clear references to the classic Nordic lines and Copenhagen is home to both the Danish but also the major international couture houses. Christina operates in the cross field between the classic and glamorous elegance and the new trendsetting upcoming scene. She manages to pull out the essence of the top luxury brands and spice it up with the more secret and conceptual ones.

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As something new, Casa Christina developed the concept "Personal Shopping Experiences" operating in the three fields; fashion, art and design.

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