Casa Ceramica - Are you looking for wonderful ceramic, you must absolutly pass by Caltagirone in Sicily. In this idylic mountain village 200 m above the sea the artists have created world famous ceramic since the year 828.

To do a shortcut, look no further but to Casa Christina. Here you will find ceramic which has been designed from the old traditions, but with a uniqueness. A mixture of Italian intensity and Scandinavian elegance.

Casa Christina has its name after its designer, Christina Brangstrup Arnoldi Coffa. Christina is Italian married, and when she went to live in Sicily, she fell in love with the old Sicilian traditions for beautiful ceramic. And has since then had the pleasure of learning and further develop the ceramic.

Christinas design are one of a kind and does not resemble anything else produced in Caltagirone. Even through the patterns are inspired from the classic lines, the light and softer coloures break with the typically heavier colours seen in ceramic made in southern Europa, and gives the ceramic a new dimension. A lightness and elegance, often found in a colour scale, which brings your mind towards the classic painters of Skagen.

Each piece are made by hand and decorated with absolut accuracy. Each design is unique and if you have a desire for a series with a special personal design, monogram or pattern this is also possible. And the fact that Christina educated as design manager from the School of Danish Design is a guaranty for the high quality and standard of the product.

The ceramic can be purchased on order. Fill out this form or contact Casa Christina Tel: 28 87 52 89