Bring back wood inside.

A perfect way to give warmth to a home, is to decorate wall´s and other surface´s with wood panels. Use wood as the organic contrast to soften up a modern concrete house.  The choises are many now, fortunately not only pine and birch like in the ´70. I remember some horrific examples from back then. Stickwood has a great variety of planks made from natural wood which can easily be attached to your wall´s.

No sugar, No coffee, No meat, No wine, it´s a new type of day for me.

There is no way around it, and I have tried to avoid it for tooooooo long !!! 

In general I am fairly healthy, with a few bad habits. But since today I will try to do the right thing and quit some of the bad and introduce the good. A good friend of mine introduced me to "Sundhedsvaerkstedet" . Camilla the owner, takes care of everything, and delivers 2-day boxes strait to your doorstep. It´s so me to do it in this way. All you need to do is to keep away from everything else, and enjoy the amazing juices, smoothies and soups Camilla has prepared for you. It´s my first day, and I miss my coffee a lot. I even had a bad headache, but apart from this I feel absolutely fine. And the thought of what this detox will do for me makes it all much easier. I can´t wait to see how great I feel in a couples of day´s. Maybe it will make me do even healthier choices in the future. We will see.