Like being in Aladdin´s Cave.

It´s been raining all day :-P

When it gets to me and I just want to escape, I go for a little walk and find myself at Tage Andersen. Perhaps Denmarks best flower artist. This mystic place full of decorations, flowers, cages with live birds, caves and stairs leading to secret places draws me. Here you find such beauty, inspiration, originality and fantasy. If you have the time you can spend hours studying the  details on each object. And you go out from there with lot´s of energi and a smile on your face.

Le Cap Horn, the best maritime place in the mountains.

The last day of our vacation we treated our self to a great lunch at Le Cap Horn. A MUST when in Courchevel ! This amazing decadent restaurant is like walking on to a movie set. You are met with  loud dance music on the terrace, really glittery looking people, very nice looking staff and a 6 ft. Swarovski skull!!! Inside you are, right away,  presented with the opportunity to purchase a pair of 14 ct. earrings from Moussaieff,  if you should feel the need for that, after a great lunch of ousters or their famous chicken or the choice of one of their more than 600 listed wines. Or if you don´t have the ´trillions´ you would need for that,  you can do what I did, ....... just dive into the best desert table, know to mankind, which has everything from home made crepes, mini ice-creme cone´s, amazing fruitcakes to the most wonderful chocolate mousse.  At Le Cap Horn, the vibe is great, friendly and fun. It´s the perfect playground for grown-ups, with a "little" extra to spend :-)

Le Cap Horn

Lovely skiing for New Year in Courchevel 1850.

Since forever, we have as a family been going skiing between Christmas and New Year. Usually in places like St. Moritz, Val Dísere, Meribel, Verbier, Sestriere ect. Parents, cousins, nephews, spouses, siblings, minimum 16-18 at the time. And I am sure the groupe next year will be even bigger, ......right mom? This year we chose Courchevel for the first time in many years, for its great skiing when you are a mix of good to great skiers. Brilliant slopes which are cleaned well every night, great restaurants and bars directly on the slopes, fantastic shopping, wonderful Chalet´s to rent and great hotels and spa´s. Sadly, since I had a very bad accident skiing 15 years ago in Italy,  I have not been able to ski. I would stand there every morning waving goodbye to all the others who were so lucky to go up the mountain, and then I would spend the rest of the day making lunch reservations, spa bookings, drinking vin chaud, buying hot chocolate for cold kid´s, making dinner plans and so forth. Not bad, BUT still ! Finally this year I decided it was time to try skiing again. My doctor had given me the ok the year before. The weather and slopes were too good to be true. At first a little stiff but on the second day I got the rhythm back in hips and knees. And it didn't look to bad at all  ;-)


On a rainy day or on a sunny day...... What to do ? Hotel Chocolat.

Hotel Chocolat, in the center of Copenhagen is the perfect little spot to go and treat yourself to a wonderful cup of hot creamy chocolate or an nice bag of sweets. Hotel Chocolat's elegant facade with it's lovely blue color draw you to the nicely decorated entrance where you can relax and enjoy while watching life going by on Strøget ( the pedestrian street of Cph )

Hotel Chocolat, click here

Love traveling.......Hate packing !

After many years, and a lot of packing, finally I have understood what´s really important.

It´s not that golden top I thought I could not live without, but instead these maybe boring but practical things, which makes my life so much easier, when away from home ….It´s not sexy, but useful ....

1.Between me, Oliver and Luca I have counted minimum 7 Apple devices and we fight constantly for plugs in hotel rooms.

2.To make absolutely sure to have a nice sleep, I love to bring my own pillow.

3.Enough panties are essential ! I change outfit up to 3 times a day, and I like to be refreshed inside out.

4.I hate mixing clean with used, and will always bring a laundry bag for this reason.

5.My Clarisonic is a MUST to clean my face and neck morning and night.

6.Very often dryers in hotels will only heat up the bathroom but not dry your hair. I always bring my BaByliss, which folds up and takes very little space.

7.When traveling by car I find this Universal charger useful, because within a couples of hours I have been taking a thousand pictures and my iPhone will need a little "juice".

Have a nice trip