LA FAMIGLIA tables exhibited at Bredgade Open 2016.


I hope you all had a great summer. Now it is time to get serious again, and we are happy to start off with a great event in Copenhagen center. In connection with Bredgade Open, which is an event created from all the amazing furniture, arts and design shops represented at Bredgade, LA FAMIGLIA will be exhibiting already from Tuesday the 16th of August three tables at GALLERY CHRISTOFFER EGELUND . One in walnut decorated with steel, one in smoked Oak decorated with brass and one in high gloss black laqured Oak with bench and leather cushions.

Please join us for drinks and snacks Friday the 19th. of August from 11am-7pm and see the tables and arts.



JULY 10, 2015 by ALEX PENN for KNSTRCT.

Snapshot: While most piers eventually end as they stretch out into the sea, Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter’s Infinity Bridge never comes to this abrupt stop. Bringing visitors back to the once popular coast near Denmark’s Varna Palace, the ring-shaped bridge reaches far into the sea to create the perfect panorama for sightseers.

The coast near Varna Palace in Aarhus, Denmark was once a popular destination for those who wanted to enjoy a beautiful view of the sea thanks to the many piers present from 1897 to World War 2, but as those piers vanished so did the desire to enjoy the bright blue waters. An effort to bring this connection to the sea back, Denmark-based firm Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter designed the Infinity Bridge, a pier that’s not only infinite because of the unending nature of its circular shape but because of the limitless views of the sea it provides.

Circling out into the water, the wooden ring-shaped bridge sets the stage for an endless panoramic view of the sea. Doing more than a linear pier would for visitors who want to spend an evening on a scenic adventure, the Infinity Bridge captures all angles thanks to its round and endless form, mimicking the smooth currents of the water beneath it.

Aarhus I Billeder Photography

2 opposite hotels in Copenhagen, which are both amazing, in each their own way.


Hotel Central, Vesterbro.

This is a hotel with only 1 room, but what a room! Located on top of a small café in the Vesterbro neighbourhood, the double room of Central Hotel has a unique interior design with beautiful handcrafted details that will make even the pickiest boutique hotel aficionado feel right at home. Central Hotel og Café is located in the Vesterbro neighbourhood right on the border of Frederiksberg. It is a lively and trendy area in secure distance to the city’s tourist traps. 
Around the corner is Værnedamsvej, the cosiest street in the city. For nightlife there are many restaurants, bars and cocktail bars in the immediate area. Close by is the old meat packing district (Kødbyen), with clubs, galleries, cafés, bars and restaurants – not to be missed!


Hotel D´Angleterre, central Copenhagen.

This 5 star luxury hotel has been refurnished a few years back, in an amazing style. It´s situated in the absolut center of Copenhagen near the charming port of Nyhavn. Just around the corner you will find great shopping and restaurant. 

The hotel originated from a result of a love affair between two young people. In the mid-1700s, fell in love Jean Marchal, serves at the Danish court, and Maria coppy, daughter of the court chef himself. Maria was known for his talents in the kitchen and Jean knew all about how they served the privileged. Together established Mr. And Mrs. Marchal a restaurant on Kongens Nytorv in 1755. This is where d'Angleterre's story begins. Hotel d'Angleterre's identity has been worn for more than 260 years of history of the founder Jean Marchal and his successors, talent and sense of providing service, hospitality and comfort of the highest class. It is this tradition that makes up the foundation as d'Angleterre is built.Hotel d'Angleterre was established in 1755 and is as legendary Copenhagen institution famous for its elegance, luxury and style. The hotel has undergone a transformation and is based on the area's rich history has been relaunched as a revitalized grand palais. The hotel's history and style complemented with new and intuitive services that speak to today's sophisticated traveler. Lovely place to stay.


Enjoy you stay in Copenhagen, and remember to contact me for a guided design or fashion tour at DESIGN TOUR on this site.

Let me present to you " La Grande Mamma " .

She has been with me always, but finally I can present her to you all ..... " La Grande Mamma ".

I call her "she" and " La Grande Mamma ", because she is the first and biggest and most important in my new furniture collection - LA FAMIGLIA . And as we all know, it´s always Mamma who gets everybody together. Before I became a mother myself, it would be my mother and before that, my grandmother . I designed " La Grande Mamma " many years ago, for my house in Sicily. The table represent to me, togetherness and happy times, which I usually spend with my family, so this is the reason I have named the collection - LA FAMIGLIA. My family could easily be Italian. I dare say, we are maybe even more Italian, that most Italians. On top of that, being married to an Italian and also having had all of his family around the past 22 years, I would say I pretty much qualify to know a little something about family, gatherings, coziness, giant lunches and dinners involving a table.

I hope you like it, half as much as I love it.  Christina

My first sketch of " La Grande Mamma "

Join us for a glass of bubbles at the SPOTLIGHT EVENTS showroom Tuesday 15th of December from 3 o’clock St. Kongensgade 103, 1264 Copenhagen - and see the real thing.


GERANIUM, a very different but amazing food experience.

We went to have lunch at restaurant GERANIUM on Saturday. First I was totally confused about the address . Geranium is situated in PARKEN where we usually go to support our National Foodball Team. It just did´t make sense to me that a restaurant in this caliber would be placed there. But as soon as you enter the lift to go the 8 flights up to the restaurant you get it. From up there you have a great view of the city all the way to Sweden. It´s a very posh and elegant restaurant which has won many awards for their experimental but great food. They say it best themself in this way : Geranium is a lucid, light and dynamic kitchen. Our mission is to create meals that involve all our senses - restores, challenges and enriches.

And for sure all your senses will be involved and tested and pleased. The location, the interior, the staff, the chef´s and the food are all amazing. Everything which has to do with GERANIUM is designed in,  made by , come from, found in or grown in Denmark and Scandinavia.

We brought Oliver, our 10 year old son to the restaurant. I know it´s not normal to bring kids to places like this, but we have always brought Oliver wherever we go, and he is used to a lot of different things and places. When we entered most people looked a little sceptic, but within no time everybody understood that Oliver was properly one of the guests, who appreciated and enjoyed the food experience of the 13 dishes the most, -much better than his mother who has difficulties sitting still for so long :-)

Geranium has been voted 42nd best restaurant on San Pellegrino's "The Worlds 50 best restaurants in 2014".

The top of Geranium, Søren Ledet and Rasmus Kofoed.

Lovely Interior at Geranium.

The crazy amazing Cellar at Geranium.

Amazing and decorative plates, which Oliver was loving.

Danish interior design.

More delicious and decorative food at Geranium.


If you visit Louisiana Museum north of Copenhagen these days you will experience the great art pieces of YAYOI KUSAMA. These graphic childlike colourful pieces can only make you super happy and you are even allowed to touch :-)  Definitely worth a visit.

La Signora herself YAYOI KUSAMA, slightly eccentric you might say, but in a great way.

If you are smart you will go there on a week day, otherwise you might not be the only one there. Enjoy, Christina

Petit at Øregaard museum.

My mother and I just went to see , The Danish Cabinet Makers autumn exhibition, which runs til the of Oct. 2015 at Øregaard Museum in Hellerup. Young, older, famous and not so know cabinet makers were asked a specific job and the outcome was beautiful and skilled. The exhibition itself was very interesting and the surroundings at Øregaard museum are amazing thanks to a generous donation from A.P. Møller and wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond and the Commune of Gentofte which made it possible to make a ´true to history´ beautiful renovation of the main house. All colours in the house has been selected carefully in line with the past in delicate soft colours which will not disturb any kind of exhibition in the museum. You should visit and get inspired from both the exhibition and surroundings.

First 5 out of 15 of my favourite restaurants in Copenhagen.

It´s my birthday today, HURRAH for me... ;-) and as the most natural thing I have invited my whole family for lunch at Cafe Victor in the center of Copenhagen, because it feels like home. 

Are you are planing a trip to Copenhagen you should definitely try some of these restaurants below. Copenhagen has a great variety of foods and restaurants to visit, this is 5 of many of my favourites within a radius of less than 200 m from each other. 


CAFE´ VICTOR, ..............I have a soft spot for Cafe´Victor. I have been coming here all my life with friends and family. Since the early 90-ties,  dancing to great music untill late and then meeting up with the whole Clan ( my family ) at least a couple of times during the week for coffee or lunch . It´s kind of a home away from home to me, not to mention restaurant Manager, Carsten, who has been one of the most important, funny and gentle ingredients at Cafe Victor since ´The dawn of Time´. It´s like a typical cozy french bistro and you will find everything from traditional danish open sandwiches to Moules marinières, oysters or a great steak. 


FIAT, ..............Having lived in Italy for the past 22 years I have become just a tiny bit critical about Italian food outside Italy. But FIAT is definitely an Italian restaurant where I have dared to invited my Sicilian in-laws for lunch and dinner and getting out of it alive !!!!!!! FIAT create lovely non-pretensious simple plates, .......just the way Italian food should be.


TAARNET ( THE TOWER ),  I went for lunch with Luca the other day in the newly opened restaurant, The Tower, which is the tower of the Danish Parliament. The view from the tower of Christiansborg Palace is unique and magnificent – Copenhagen’s highest tower, which is now open to the public, for the very first time. The tower is the property of the Danish Parliament, whose Members took the initiative to open it – for the pleasure of all those who live in or are visiting Copenhagen. Bojesen is your host at the restaurant, and you will be served classic danish open sandwiches and great desserts with a twist. If you are lucky you could be sitting  across the ex-Danish Prime Minister, ´Selfie Helle´ and other   MP´s. Great interior, good service and nice light food. Definitely worth trying.


PLUTO, ........Really cozy place in great atmosphere, with lots of young people in great spirit. It´s a mix of international cuisine, with great spanish tapas, italian pasta´s, beef and much more. Great young waiters and a guaranty of a fun evening.


MARCHAL, ......... This beautiful and elegant Michelin restaurant which is in connection with the great Hotel D´angleterre is the place to go for a special night out if you want to be impressed or impress.

Have a great night out, Christina

South America meets Denmark, at Llama

We were for dinner at Llama the other day, and its such a joy for the eye. The South American inspired restaurant in the center of Copenhagen, has just been nominated for the very prestigious " The Restaurant and Bar Design Awards" for its amazing interior and concept, which amongst others has been created by Torben Klitbo, August Lund og Christian Lytje from Cofoco,  Jakob Lange, Lars Larsen and world renowned architect Bjarke Ingels. Definitely a place to try when you are in Copenhagen.

11 beautiful pictures of how velours adds that softness and coolness to a room at the same time.

I love velours. My next home will be adorned with at least one piece of furniture of velours. It´s that old fashion cover for furniture which give any chair or couch elegance and coolness at the same time. Just don´t overdo it and end up with a home that remind you of your grand- grandparents house. If you want some good ideas, check out shops like GUBI   ,   THE APARTMENT   and    1STDIBS

MS-Navigator a luxury ship at the doorstep of The queen.

I was invited to a meeting with Kim Sørensen, the owner of the great MS-Navigator. An amazing ship in front of The Queens Castle in Copenhagen. Kim Sørensen rebuild the ship into a luxury hotel on the water some 5 years ago and she is now available for dinner, meetings, cruises or as a hotel. Kim Sørensen has keep 95% of the original ship and spared no cost to create his beautiful hotel on water. I was loving going around seeing the very stylish interior, the super shiny brass every where and specially the engine room down below, full of engines, instruments and cables from the 1940´s still intact. One person I would have loved to show this, is my late father, who would have appreciated such an experience a 100%. Most of my memories of him has to do with the sea. We would sail, waterski, swim, dive for mussels, go out early in the morning to watch the sun come up from the boat and enjoy lunch or dinner in harbours all over Denmark. Anything to do with the sea was our thing, basically. You should go and see for yourself and be impressed.

Arne Jacobsen, a true pride for Denmark.

Arguably Denmark’s most famous 20thcentury furniture designer, Arne Jacobsen was also a highly accomplished architect. Shortly after graduating in 1927 he opened his own design office, which he ran with driven determination until his death in 1971. Through his long and productive career, Jacobsen worked in architecture, furniture, product and textile design, and was a professor of architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen for many years.

AJ himself

Being a Dane in Italy obviously I had to have as many danish icons in my house as possible, when I designed and build it 10 years ago. It´s a great mix of Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, George Jensen, PH and Luis Poulsen, when it comes to chairs and light. Børsen Pleasure made a very nice article about me when the house was ready back then. Now it´s time for a change, after more than 300-400 lunches with a minimum of 18 people at the time, I am going to reupholster all my beautiful, but much worn chairs, and I am thinking to go for leather this time.

Temptation & Downfall.

I am a fan of most sweets, and danish pastries and cakes are AMAZING! Since I have come back to Copenhagen, I must admit I perhaps have exaggerated just a tiny bit with my consumption of pastries and cakes.................. Basically I have not been able to pass a bakery without going inside, for the first year I has up here again :-/      It has now started to show and I have to pay for it, but it has been all worth it :-)  Just look below. Admit it, you would be tempted too !   

You have got to try. Visit La Glace, Bøjes Brød, Ole&Steen LAGKAGEHUSET, Meyers Bageri og Bertels Salon Kompagnistræde when visiting Copenhagen.

Are you interested in seeing the best of the best in Copenhagen ?

I started ´Personal Shopping Experiences by Christina Arnoldi`earlier this year. The idea came to me, because since I have moved back to Denmark after having lived in Italy for most of my adult life, I see Copenhagen in a clearer and fresher light. Since returning here, I have had many guests visiting, not only from Italy, but from all over, and I have a great wish to show everybody the Copenhagen I love. Compared to many other Danes, I see Denmark in a fresh light, because I have been away for many years and things has not become a habit to me yet. Copenhagen is wonderful and has so much more to offer, than most people think. Many foreigners idea of Copenhagen is `The little mermaid`, Christiania and lots of rain. Obviously here are greater things to see :-)

Because of my background in architecture and design, my love for fashion and my interest in art, I have created contacts to the best design houses, fashion-and jewellery stores and galleries. For people who have never been to Copenhagen before or people who lives here but with very little time, it can be a big help to have me guide them around in a nice, programmed  and competently way. 

If you are interested in a DESIGN TOUR, contact me by mail :  or by phone +45 28875289 to make an appointment.

Kind regards


Our Queen is turning 75 today.......HURRA HURRA HURRA.

Today it is the 75 th. birthday of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. I went in front of her palace at Amalienborg with my son Oliver last year, and it´s so sweet to see young and old with thousands of flags waiting for her to come out on the balcony and greet everyone. I was watching a program about her the other day, and I was again reminded and amazed of how skilled she is. The Queen is intelligent, has a lot of knowledge on a great variety of subjects, she is strong, creative , artistic and a great Ambassador to Denmark. She has been able to bring The Danish Royal Family into the 20th. century in a modern way, which makes people love and respect her even more. It´s such a joy to see so many people from all over Denmark who travels to Copenhagen to celebrate her on her special day. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henri. She always has great style with colourful dresses and fur.

A Grandma with her grandchildren , children and all of Denmark who comes to pay their respect, on her birthday. Even if reality hits us sometimes, Denmark is still one of the best countries to live in, modern, great and save. Long live The Queen.


Easter is just around the corner.

It will be Easter very soon which to me means, great lunches, massive amount of chocolate, good weather, lots of children around and vacation. The traditional yellow is not really my colour, personally I go for something in soft blue or green colours. Create your own eggs by colouring or use glitter. Blow out the egg, let them dry and then decorate with glitter-dust, colour, cut-up paper in mixed colours or other things you like. Find branches in the woods or at your neighbour´s place, put them in big vases and hang your beautiful decorated egg´s. No Easter without an egg hunt in the forest, the garden or your apartment, kids loves it.



Cute and elegant.

Rustic and simple.

Use pretty soft colours.

Happy easter


Does it get any better......seriously!

A true love affair for me right now would be this newly launched The Love Affair Collection from Bang & Olufsen.

This exclusive collection consist of their 6 most iconic designs, which is a living proof of a love affair, which started in the 1920´s and which is still going strong. The romantic rose gold aluminium, combined with walnut is like a bridge between the past, present and the future, and represent the passion and proud continous strive for better design which has been the force behind Bang & Olufsen the past 90 years.         

BeoRemote One 

BeoPlay H6 

 85" version af BeoVision Avant 

BeoPlay A9 

BeoVision 11-46" 

BeoLab 18 

The Tower.

I went for lunch with Luca the other day in the newly opened restaurant, The Tower, which is the tower of the Danish Parliament. The view from the tower of Christiansborg Palace is unique and magnificent – Copenhagen’s highest tower, which is now open to the public, for the very first time. The tower is the property of the Danish Parliament, whose Members took the initiative to open it – for the pleasure of all those who live in or are visiting Copenhagen. Bojesen is your host at the restaurant, and you will be served classic danish open sandwiches and great desserts with a twist. If you are lucky you could be sitting  across the present Danish Prime Minister, ´Selfie Helle´ and other   MP´s. Great interior, good service and nice light food. Definitely worth trying.


View of The Tower at Christiansborg Palace.

Great simple interior at The Tower.

Amazing presentation of traditional Danish open sandwiches.