LA FAMIGLIA tables exhibited at Bredgade Open 2016.


I hope you all had a great summer. Now it is time to get serious again, and we are happy to start off with a great event in Copenhagen center. In connection with Bredgade Open, which is an event created from all the amazing furniture, arts and design shops represented at Bredgade, LA FAMIGLIA will be exhibiting already from Tuesday the 16th of August three tables at GALLERY CHRISTOFFER EGELUND . One in walnut decorated with steel, one in smoked Oak decorated with brass and one in high gloss black laqured Oak with bench and leather cushions.

Please join us for drinks and snacks Friday the 19th. of August from 11am-7pm and see the tables and arts.

My table `La Grande Mamma` exhibited at Gallery Christoffer Egelund.

My favorite gallery in Copenhagen GALLERI CHRISTOFFER EGELUND has been so kind to include my table ´La Grande Mamma´ from my LA FAMIGLIA FURNITURE collection in connection with their SUMMERTIME16 exhibition which starts on FRIDAY MAY 27TH. Come and join and enjoy, great art and design together.

La Grande Mamma in smoked oak with thin brass decor on edge of table.

Looking forward to seeing you there, Christina

The Snake.

Following the 2015 presentation of the gilded Pipistrello to celebrate the lamp’s 50 years, and the smaller Minipipistrello, Martinelli Luce celebrated Serpente fiftieth birthday with a limited-edition gold version..An iconic object – since 1990 a fixture at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art – born of research into an “esprit nouveau” in which the geometry of the form coldness of strict purism and acquiring an emotive impulse softened by sinuous curves..The curvilinear form of Serpente is highly complex and the definitive version was achieved only after production of numerous prototypes. The difficulties posed by the geometry of the lamp required that new methacrylate molding techniques be developed before the diffuser could be manufactured. The curve of the tubular arm also posed technological challenges and required use of production techniques that were innovative for the time: with its distinctive S-curve, drawnd by the rotation of the arm, the lamp looks much like a snake exploring its environment.

Design: Elio Martinelli
Producer: Martinelli Luce

Light is so important for all of us.

The Argentinian architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia has designed this brilliant " fold-out " window MORE SKY which makes it possible to get more light and better view from streets and sky without getting in noise and smog while living in bigger cities. The window works as a gigantic street mirror. Aldana Ferrer Garcia designed the window while attending Pratt Institute i Brooklyn i New York and the window is exhibited at Dubai Design Weekend these days to find investors for the project.  

Georg Jensen, danish when it´s best.


New to Mayfair’s Mount Street is Danish design house Georg Jensen’s Art Deco inspired flagship boutique. The 2,000 sqft, two-level space is the realization of Copenhagen-based interior architecture practice Studio David Thulstrup with a meticulous, contrasting interior space inspired by geometric, Scandinavian and Art Deco references that stem from Georg Jensen’s rich brand history.

High in contrast, the store’s dynamic, black steel elements lead shoppers through the experience, while simultaneously introducing them to Jensen’s bespoke creations. The stark white walls and floors provide a sophisticated canvas for the dark walnut partitions, vertically slatted to create a intimate space. The first floor is broken up into two merchandise categories; the gold and silver jewelry. All jewelry is showcased in display boxes which are integrated into the walls, specially designed to carefully highlight the delicate details of the Georg Jensen pieces in an impactful yet minimalistic way.

Thulstrup employs linear lines and repetition in different ways throughout the space; creating a similar but unique experience for guests. The counters are outfitted in hammered terrazzo, a clever reference to the art of silversmithing and hammered silver. Follow the white stairs down to the basement, strategically divided into three areas; a room dedicated to the hollowware, a private sales area, which showcases the heritage jewelry collection and at last a private seating area for VIP clients. The room for hollowware is light-filled, with a centered custom-made wooden table designed by artist Laura Bergsø. Contrasting the linear shapes of the space, the curvaceous table is rustic, with timber tope left in natural state and a poured inlay of silver.

Photography courtesy of Studio David Thulstrup

Symmetri at it´s best.

Danish pure and clean design.

The amazing wooden dividers brings great texture to the room.

The lovely raw and massive wooden tables breaks the clean interior design in an interesting way.

The massive natural pieces of wood are brought all the way from Denmark, to be more accurate, from Køge south of Copenhagen, which is the same place which deliver the wood for the tables in my new " LA FAMIGLIA " furniture collection.

What to do about our climate ????

He did it again ..... the danish-islantic artist Olafur Eliasson. During the COP21 in Paris at Place du Panthéon, he has placed 12 gigantic blocks of ice ( 80 tons in total ) to make a very clear point about the climate in our time. ICE WATCH as the installation is called, has been transported from Greenland where 200 million ton is melting every year, you do the math ! ...........Merry Christmas. 


If you visit Louisiana Museum north of Copenhagen these days you will experience the great art pieces of YAYOI KUSAMA. These graphic childlike colourful pieces can only make you super happy and you are even allowed to touch :-)  Definitely worth a visit.

La Signora herself YAYOI KUSAMA, slightly eccentric you might say, but in a great way.

If you are smart you will go there on a week day, otherwise you might not be the only one there. Enjoy, Christina

Petit at Øregaard museum.

My mother and I just went to see , The Danish Cabinet Makers autumn exhibition, which runs til the of Oct. 2015 at Øregaard Museum in Hellerup. Young, older, famous and not so know cabinet makers were asked a specific job and the outcome was beautiful and skilled. The exhibition itself was very interesting and the surroundings at Øregaard museum are amazing thanks to a generous donation from A.P. Møller and wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond and the Commune of Gentofte which made it possible to make a ´true to history´ beautiful renovation of the main house. All colours in the house has been selected carefully in line with the past in delicate soft colours which will not disturb any kind of exhibition in the museum. You should visit and get inspired from both the exhibition and surroundings.


I am in love with these crazy, lovely and magical lamps by french HERVE´ MATEJEWSKI  who is not just a designer, but a cook, a decorator, a tailer and a craftsman. In Copenhagen you find his lamps at SPOTLIGHT in St. Kongensgade. Go there and go crazy :-) Each lamp is a piece of art. I would love to use them in a interior decoration some day. Each and one of them should have as much light and air around them to bring forward their uniqueness in a room. I am also loving the small detail like the coloured cords in each lamp.




Soon the Sun will be shinning on everyone.

Little Sun Charge is a high-performance solar phone charger and light designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and my dear long time friend engineer Frederik Ottesen.   

Little Sun is a social business and global project addressing the need for light in a sustainable way that benefits communities without electricity, creates local jobs, and generates local profits.

Little Sun is currently distributing in more than 10 African countries, including Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, and Ghana – as well as in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the United States.

Launched in July 2012 at London’s Tate Modern, the Little Sun project has since distributed over 300,000 Little Sun lamps worldwide – and that number is quickly growing. When you buy a Little Sun, you receive a high-quality solar-powered lamp – but that’s not all. With each purchase you are investing in the delivery of Little Sun light to off-grid areas......... So what are you waiting for ?

Artist Olafur Eliasson

Little Sun Charge is a high-performance solar phone charger

Little Sun puts the power of the sun in the palm of your hand – creating safe, convenient, sustainable light you can take with you wherever you go. 


I just had a great trip to Berlin with good friends. And in the few day´s we spend in the city I have visited  a couple of nice places. Berlin is a great mix of many different architectural styles from classic to fascist to modern. Newly "started" ca. 25 years ago and with it´s ca. 3.5 million habitants it has a little cozy-ness like Copenhagen, the large boulevards of Paris and some of the modern vibe of N.Y. But it feels like it has not found it´s own character just yet. We started with a lunch in the studio of Olafur Eliasson, where LittleSun has one of their offices. Here you are meet with a fantastic energi of a large staff of architects, designers and artist. Amazing !

In the evenings we had the best cocktails at SAGE, a great place with young and older, smart and families, trendy and classic. Super loung music, cigar room and the coolest bathrooms. We visited BIKINI, great hotel and club,  Kimchiprincess a fun korean place, Sale e Tabacchi a great typical milanese restaurant and the sky lounge bar at Hotel de Roma. Sadly I missed out on the famous Kaefer Restaurant on top of the Reichstag building in the very heart of Berlin, but fortunately on Saturday we were lucky to have a privat showing of a bunker which has been turned into a large gallery. The bunker was bought by an advertising mogul, Christian Boros,  to be able to build his own penthouse on top of the 5 story bunker. And off course we saw Memorial to the murdered Jews, a breathtaking place. Beautiful and so sad at the same time. The rest of the time we would walk and walk the streets of Berlin and take it all in. 

Copenhagen Radio City Hall.

Radio City Hall ´Radiohuset´ in Copenhagen was created by the Danish functionalist architect,  Vilhelm Lauritzen, in the years from 1937-45. With help from his dear colleague, architect Finn Juhl who designed most of the furniture in the building. Being build during the war, with very few resources, Vilhelm Lauritzen found that instead of using rubber, he would use cheap soft Finnish birch mixed with teak, to create the right conditions for sound throughout the building. All wall´s are covered with maple, which over the years has turned reddish because of the exposure of the light. The building was conserved in 1994 for being a masterpiece of danish modernism.


During ´Danish Fashion Week´14 ´ I was asked, by Goldmind,  to be responsible for the interior for their ´Jewellery Room ´ event in the beautiful ceramic room which is located on the second floor of Radiohuset. Carl Hansen & Son was very kind to lend us their incredible classic designer furniture for the purpose. 


Does it get any better......seriously!

A true love affair for me right now would be this newly launched The Love Affair Collection from Bang & Olufsen.

This exclusive collection consist of their 6 most iconic designs, which is a living proof of a love affair, which started in the 1920´s and which is still going strong. The romantic rose gold aluminium, combined with walnut is like a bridge between the past, present and the future, and represent the passion and proud continous strive for better design which has been the force behind Bang & Olufsen the past 90 years.         

BeoRemote One 

BeoPlay H6 

 85" version af BeoVision Avant 

BeoPlay A9 

BeoVision 11-46" 

BeoLab 18 

In love with the latest AJ 2015.

The 7 is now available as a special edition to celebrate it´s 60 year anniversary in a cool black with black or rose with brass. I love both, and would definitely get them again even efter promising myself never having to look at another 7 in my life. Being danish you are basically born sitting on a 7 and it can get a bit old. Great idea to give it renaissance in this way. 

Like being in Aladdin´s Cave.

It´s been raining all day :-P

When it gets to me and I just want to escape, I go for a little walk and find myself at Tage Andersen. Perhaps Denmarks best flower artist. This mystic place full of decorations, flowers, cages with live birds, caves and stairs leading to secret places draws me. Here you find such beauty, inspiration, originality and fantasy. If you have the time you can spend hours studying the  details on each object. And you go out from there with lot´s of energi and a smile on your face.

Old traditions in a new way. House of Amber since 1933.

House of Amber is parting with the old ways and getting new creative designers to give a new look to something traditional. With designers like Ann Sindlev , one of my personal favourites, but also Kopenhagen Fur, Mai Manniche, Louise Sigvardt and many more on board, with their great ideas and modern way of designing, they can contribute with a look which will appeal to lots of younger women out there. Its interesting to see what brought spectrum Amber has, from an almost black colour to pure green, which most people do not know.  And as a company ´House for Amber´ is amazing with their more than 40 boutiques, just i China. 

Le Cap Horn, the best maritime place in the mountains.

The last day of our vacation we treated our self to a great lunch at Le Cap Horn. A MUST when in Courchevel ! This amazing decadent restaurant is like walking on to a movie set. You are met with  loud dance music on the terrace, really glittery looking people, very nice looking staff and a 6 ft. Swarovski skull!!! Inside you are, right away,  presented with the opportunity to purchase a pair of 14 ct. earrings from Moussaieff,  if you should feel the need for that, after a great lunch of ousters or their famous chicken or the choice of one of their more than 600 listed wines. Or if you don´t have the ´trillions´ you would need for that,  you can do what I did, ....... just dive into the best desert table, know to mankind, which has everything from home made crepes, mini ice-creme cone´s, amazing fruitcakes to the most wonderful chocolate mousse.  At Le Cap Horn, the vibe is great, friendly and fun. It´s the perfect playground for grown-ups, with a "little" extra to spend :-)

Le Cap Horn