by Malene Birger.

I was invited to attend the F/W 2016 fashion show by danish brand, by Malene Birger last week during Copenhagen Fashion Week. The show was held in Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek next to TIVOLI in the center of Copenhagen. An awesome location, which was kind of my " home " , as I was sketching for at least a couple of month here, during my years of studying design and architecture. The show was amazing, and I can´t wait to get my hand on the wide high waisted pants and great fur coats from the collection. I see the 40´, 50´ and 70´ in this collection, which is very mature and elegant, and with great color.

Mrs. Malene Birger the founder and original designer of the brand has always been a busy lady. First in 1997 when she created the fashion company,  Day Birger et Mikkelsen with Keld Mikkelsen, since in 2003 with the fashion brandby Malene Birger and now in 2014 with her interior design studio Birger1962. And with everything she makes, whether it´s in fashion or interior, you see a red line of elegance and international style. Very impressive and admirable. Christina

F/W 2016 show at Glyptoteket.

F/W 2016 great color, elegance, chopped high waisted pants and lovely fur.

This new Torun Bag, by Malene Birger is going to be mine very soon, I am sure :-)

Mrs. Malene Birger herself.

by Malene Birger headquarter Copenhagen, Frederiksberg.

by Malene Birger headquarter in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg.

Interior at by Malene Birger headquarter, super stylish and feminine. I was in a meeting here not long ago. What a beautiful place to turn up for work every morning.

Interior by Malene Birger

Birger1962 interior studio, with great inspiration from all of Malene Birger´s travels around the world.

 Remember if you need help with a personal styling, I will be happy to assist you , Christina

I have got the blues.

I dont know if it´s because I really need a clear sky or what. But I am craving the color blue. Apart from what I want or need I am sure that blue is going to used a lot in interior in the future. Blue is that calm and pure color which has a great effect on most people and it can be mixed with almost every other color without giving you any problems.

It´s said about the color blue :

"This color is one of trust, honesty and loyalty. It is sincere, reserved and quiet, and doesn't like to make a fuss or draw attention. It hates confrontation, and likes to do things in its own way. From a color psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible. This color exhibits an inner security and confidence. You can rely on it to take control and do the right thing in difficult times. It has a need for order and direction in its life, including its living and work spaces"   I think this describes the color spot on !

 See below and get inspired from the pictures I have found of interior using blue for this newsletter. 

Go dark and all the way with marine blue walls, very royal.

Less dramatic , mix a lighter blue and white, to get this sophisticated look.

You can just use one element to make a great change, like this amazing chair in velvet from LAWSONFENNING 

Invest in a vintage couch which you can be lucky to find in this color of blue from the 60´. Try one of the many amazing vintage furniture stores in Copenhagen like Roxy, DMK or Secher

Get the old style kitchen back, and use the proper 50´and 60´blue color. I would recommend ´Cook´s blue´from Farrow&Ball 

George Jensen has launched these wall watches recently.

Spice up with applied arts like vases, glasses or other like these from Louise Roe.

The bath is the first obvious place to use blue, use tiles or towels to to make room interesting.

Some of my favorit tiles are from MADEAMANO.

Enjoy and try it, or you can contact me to take care of the interior changes for you, Christina

Interior for men, stylish and cool.

How great would it be if I were to design an interior for a man. This is for sure one way I would do it. When you speak about interior most people think about women. Guy´s like it stylish too, they are just a little afraid of making it too posh, but cool it has to be. I will give you an example of how I would do it, see below. 

For the livingroom,  I would bring in darker color, lots of wood and leather, make space for Playstation, wide screen and very few books.

I would bring in great comfortable leather chairs like this one from Rooster decor without it having to be a " Lazy-boy" like the one Joey from FRIENDS, loves so much.

In the kitchen I would bring in a little ´bling´ . I am sure the man in this home, would not be the one cleaning after all ;-)

As for the bedroom I would not put in mirrors in the ceiling !!!!   But some raw materials to get the prime drive through.

And as for the bath, wood and concrete , Wash´n Go, as simple as possible, the way it should be for any man.

And it goes without saying, that I would integrate my new table ´La Grande Mamma´ from the furniture series LA FAMIGLIA , as a dining table or an office table in the interior. The table can be ordered from me at 

Enjoy, Christina

Georg Jensen, danish when it´s best.


New to Mayfair’s Mount Street is Danish design house Georg Jensen’s Art Deco inspired flagship boutique. The 2,000 sqft, two-level space is the realization of Copenhagen-based interior architecture practice Studio David Thulstrup with a meticulous, contrasting interior space inspired by geometric, Scandinavian and Art Deco references that stem from Georg Jensen’s rich brand history.

High in contrast, the store’s dynamic, black steel elements lead shoppers through the experience, while simultaneously introducing them to Jensen’s bespoke creations. The stark white walls and floors provide a sophisticated canvas for the dark walnut partitions, vertically slatted to create a intimate space. The first floor is broken up into two merchandise categories; the gold and silver jewelry. All jewelry is showcased in display boxes which are integrated into the walls, specially designed to carefully highlight the delicate details of the Georg Jensen pieces in an impactful yet minimalistic way.

Thulstrup employs linear lines and repetition in different ways throughout the space; creating a similar but unique experience for guests. The counters are outfitted in hammered terrazzo, a clever reference to the art of silversmithing and hammered silver. Follow the white stairs down to the basement, strategically divided into three areas; a room dedicated to the hollowware, a private sales area, which showcases the heritage jewelry collection and at last a private seating area for VIP clients. The room for hollowware is light-filled, with a centered custom-made wooden table designed by artist Laura Bergsø. Contrasting the linear shapes of the space, the curvaceous table is rustic, with timber tope left in natural state and a poured inlay of silver.

Photography courtesy of Studio David Thulstrup

Symmetri at it´s best.

Danish pure and clean design.

The amazing wooden dividers brings great texture to the room.

The lovely raw and massive wooden tables breaks the clean interior design in an interesting way.

The massive natural pieces of wood are brought all the way from Denmark, to be more accurate, from Køge south of Copenhagen, which is the same place which deliver the wood for the tables in my new " LA FAMIGLIA " furniture collection.

CASA CHRISTINA is proud to present " La Grande Mamma ".

I was amazed, happy and grateful to all of you, who came to visit in great spirit and with lovely words at my first small event to show you my newly designed table " La Grande Mamma " from the series " LA FAMIGLIA ".

SPOTLIGHT,  FOSCARINI and myself CASA CHRISTINA has entered in a cooperation at SPOTLIGHT Event´s showroom in St. Kongensgade 103,  1264 Copenhagen K, and I am now able to present the first of many tables and furniture which can be ordered from the series " LA FAMIGLIA ". Come visit us and see the first table ´La Grande Mamma´ 

Let me present to you " La Grande Mamma " .

She has been with me always, but finally I can present her to you all ..... " La Grande Mamma ".

I call her "she" and " La Grande Mamma ", because she is the first and biggest and most important in my new furniture collection - LA FAMIGLIA . And as we all know, it´s always Mamma who gets everybody together. Before I became a mother myself, it would be my mother and before that, my grandmother . I designed " La Grande Mamma " many years ago, for my house in Sicily. The table represent to me, togetherness and happy times, which I usually spend with my family, so this is the reason I have named the collection - LA FAMIGLIA. My family could easily be Italian. I dare say, we are maybe even more Italian, that most Italians. On top of that, being married to an Italian and also having had all of his family around the past 22 years, I would say I pretty much qualify to know a little something about family, gatherings, coziness, giant lunches and dinners involving a table.

I hope you like it, half as much as I love it.  Christina

My first sketch of " La Grande Mamma "

Join us for a glass of bubbles at the SPOTLIGHT EVENTS showroom Tuesday 15th of December from 3 o’clock St. Kongensgade 103, 1264 Copenhagen - and see the real thing.


It does not have to cost a million to look a million.

With a little creativity and research, you can find great things around, which are reasonably priced, but looks amazing. Take your time and get inspired here.

If this kind of interior is what you are dreaming of, then take time out and go trough magazines , Instagram, tumblr or wherever you like to get inspired. Then make research in the different stores to make your perfect home. If this is not your strong side, then contact me and I will be able to assist. 

China, ashtray, lamp, table from ZaraHome

Couch and vase from ILVA

Wall lamp, carpet and pillows from IKEA

KVANUM, KLARLUND, GUBI & CAFE´ PLATEAU. It´s been a great week for me with lots of cozy and amazing events.

The past week or two I have been having the pleasure to be invited to some great events.


It started at KVANUM KØKKEN in Hellerup last Thursday. KVANUN KØKKEN hosted a lovely evening where you could find an amazing mix of all the best from kitchens to cars to ceramics to hunting to travel to rugs to food and coffee. KVANUM KØKKEN , the host of the night with their luxury designed kitchens. MADEAMANO , and their lovely coloured ceramic wall and floor tiles. KNOTHOUSE , and their beautiful silk rugs. VOLVO , with the brand new 4 wheel drive for family and hunting. PEACOCK TRAVEL , with their great designed trips to the best places in the world and many many more. Thank you KVANUM KØKKEN for such a great and interesting evening.


Thursday this week GUBI had a nice x-mas event, presenting LEIF SIGERSEN celebrating his 25 anniversary. He in cooperation with  LA GLACE presenting their lovely flower pasties and with Anne Fabricius Møller,  cute x-mass candles and much more.


We, who live 10 minutes out north of the center of Copenhagen in " RESERVATET " had a nice surprise last week with the opening of CAFE´ PLATEAU, on Hellerup Strandvej,  by the former owner of our ´hang out bar ´ from our youth, ZEZE . This cozy small place is already busy by us driving in and out from the city everyday. So nice finally to have a place to meet having a place to enjoy a glass of wine and a salat after work. 


Creme della Creme of events this week I have to say was KLARLUND´s event at BØRSEN ( the danish stock exchange ) First of all, the building is one of Copenhagens oldest and most beautiful, build at the same time as The Round Tower during the reign of King Christian IV. The view coming up to the entrance of the event was amazing with lit up trees in red and the whole facade of the building with light and fire. Security at it´s highest because of all the valuable jewellery, both vintage and new,  inside for us to look at and try on. I got a few good ideas for x-mas ;-) Thank you so much, Klarlund.

Great event week, Christina.

Carpets & Rugs

We are getting closer to the cold periode of the year, and one way to make everything a little warmer is to use carpets or rugs in the house. Specially next to the bed it is fantastic to have something warm to step on to in the cold mornings, but even in the bathroom you can use a smaller decorative rug without it getting humid and disgusting. I have always loved wall to wall carpet, and with a powerful hoover you dont have any problems with dust or germs. These are some good and very different options from   1stDIBs  ,   CARPET VISTA  ,   THE APARTMENT  ,    IKEA     ,    ILVA   ,    GARANT    ,  THE RUG COMPANY .   

12 great styles of using ceramic tiles for interior.

Ceramic tiles are usually used for interior in bathrooms or kitchens, and often only in warmer countries like in the south, because the ceramic tiles take the temperatur of the surroundings and keeps the cool that is needed there . But for wall´s and in modern isolated houses like we have it here, ceramic tiles are easily used without problems . My 4 favourite tiles companies are ...MADE A MANO  ........   FIRED EARTH    ........   DAHL STUDIO  .......  CASA CHRISTINA . Ceramic tiles are great to give a room that little extra to make it delicate and interesting.


Simple tiles kept in white on wall´s and black vucanic tiles for the floor.

Silver mirror-like ceramic tiles make a simple kitchen wall like this much more interesting.


Beautiful glazed tiles in white gives the feel of a room warmth in the bathroom.


Dark green glazed tiles gives an amazing effect in a simple bathroom. 


Very chick and elegant with a mix of tiles, marble and brass.


Made a mano´s amazing light green floor tiles put in a herringbone effect is a new and beautiful way of using ceramic tiles.


Countertops costume made from Made a mano made for kitchens, bathrooms, bars and other.


Special mirror effect tiles are a great way to create a different kind of decor in a room.


The more traditional way to use ceramic tiles with colored decorated classic tiles like these or hand made tiles from CASA CHRISTINA.


Mini tiles to create you own costume made sink for kitchen or bathroom.


New "antique" rustic tiles in beautiful shapes gives this classic look in a modern way.


Beautiful, simple and light at the same time.

   Let it go all the way through from ceiling to floor .      


Let it go all the way through from ceiling to floor .




Super dramatic effect with the glazed black tiles on wall´s and the beautiful decorated floor.


A classic and beautiful way to use tiles in diamond shape in hallways.


I am in love with these crazy, lovely and magical lamps by french HERVE´ MATEJEWSKI  who is not just a designer, but a cook, a decorator, a tailer and a craftsman. In Copenhagen you find his lamps at SPOTLIGHT in St. Kongensgade. Go there and go crazy :-) Each lamp is a piece of art. I would love to use them in a interior decoration some day. Each and one of them should have as much light and air around them to bring forward their uniqueness in a room. I am also loving the small detail like the coloured cords in each lamp.




Design Awards 2015.

About last night. Most of the day I went from event to event. First ARPER with great showrooms, designs and speeches in Parkhus 48, then my sisters pop up shop for, with mega marshmallow in the center of Copenhagen and last but not least Design Awards 2015 which was hosted at PaustianBO BEDRE, Bolig Magasinet and Costume Living, arranged ´Design Awards 2015´again this year , a lovely event to celebrate and choose the best designers, up commers, comebacker´s and many more. I enjoyed myself with great food, wine, and in company of old and new friends, and one of my big idols, former education minister, Bertel Haarder.

Best designers 2015  ´GAMFRATESI´

Bertel Haarder presenting best designers 2015.

Food, sweets, wine, old and new friends.

Copenhagen by night.

11 beautiful pictures of how velours adds that softness and coolness to a room at the same time.

I love velours. My next home will be adorned with at least one piece of furniture of velours. It´s that old fashion cover for furniture which give any chair or couch elegance and coolness at the same time. Just don´t overdo it and end up with a home that remind you of your grand- grandparents house. If you want some good ideas, check out shops like GUBI   ,   THE APARTMENT   and    1STDIBS

Valentino 4 Cash&Rocket.

Valentino has in cooperation with Cash&Rocket designed a collection of shoes, clothes and bags with 20% going directly to charity. You can still make a different and help to donate money to 1 of the 3 charities chosen by Cash&Rocket, by purchasing some of the amazing things seen below. Cash & Rocket raised $1.7 so fare on C&Rtour2015 this year, well done Julie. xxx Stina

Julie Brangstrup and co-creative director of Valentino Pierpaolo Picciolo