We went to Paris and apart from all the wonderful buildings, food, wine and monuments you see all over Paris, you find some great hotels here, big and small. I did a little research on my dream hotels. Here they are.

Saint James Paris

A few steps from the Champs-Elysées, the Saint James Paris is a 100-year old château surrounded by its own private garden, offering a unique experience of grandeur and intimacy, classicism and extravagance. Each of the 48 suites and rooms exudes its own atmosphere and tells a story filled with beautiful dreams. This eccentric family home also offers a mythical library-bar, a gourmet restaurant with a one-of-its-kind terrace in the garden - run by Chef Virginie Basselot, and a spa with precious care cabins by Guerlain

Hôtel Keppler

Set in a 19th-century Haussmannian building, the luxurious Hotel Keppler is just 400 metres from the Champs Elysées. It offers a fitness centre, sauna and hammam

Hotel & Spa La Belle Juliette

La Belle Juliette is located in central Paris, a short walk from Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Jardin du Luxembourg. This hotel offers accommodation with an indoor swimming pool and Spa.

Bradford Elysées - Astotel

The 4-star Bradford Elysées is set in a Haussmannian building, near the famous Champs Elysées in central Paris. It offers refined guest rooms and a breakfast room with a glass roof.

Each of the spacious guest rooms at Bradford Elysées has a classically elegant déco.


Located in the historical district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, this 4-star hotel features a hammam and steam room. It offers Baroque-style guest rooms and was home to the late Oscar Wilde.

Hôtel Lancaster Paris Champs-Elysées

We stayed here last time in Paris. It´s a great small boutique hotel with a lovely staff, soft and delicate interior and a great restaurant. Hotel Lancaster is a boutique hotel dating from 1889, located just 100 metres from the Champs-Élysées. It offers a classic and elegant atmosphere and its own Michelin star restaurant.

Rooms and suites at Lancaster are furnished in luxury fabrics and grouped around a central Zen garden. Some rooms have a separate lounge, a private patio or views of the Eiffel Tower.

Champs Elysées Plaza

We have been staying here a couple of time already and love it. We ended here again because of my travel companions late organising skills :-) The choice of colours and materials has been made with particular care in order to create a unique atmosphere, blendingLuxury, Refinement and Wellness. Exceptionally spacious Rooms and Suites, Meridienne devoted to relaxing
in the Luxury Suites, Jacuzzi bathtub and Chromotherapy in most of the Rooms and Suites


I would love to stay here, but the changes are quite small ! Mid-way between Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Avenue Montaigne, a stone's throw from the Champs-Elysées, where the heart of Paris beats. Nestled in a peaceful location, slightly set back from the world's most beautiful avenue, La Réserve Paris – Hotel and Spa overlooks the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon and the Concorde obelisk. Just in front, a majestic curtain of trees preserves the intimacy of this place, like an echo of the Elysée gardens nearby.

Enjoy dreaming and go to Paris, Christina.

Who can resist sucker.

Shugaa is a dessert bar by a Thai chef who made creative menus and plated desserts that aways surprise and amaze the customers..The concept of the interior design had been researched from the base of sugar molegules and crystals. Seeing from the outside through the glass wall, there is polygon installation hanging around the front that is inspired from sugar crystals. Besides, wood material also had been used in the design together with mint green colour to make it feel warm and earthy. The designer team have added a dash of modern and luxury by using rose gold colour elements and a marble counter bar..The first floor is connected to the second one by a spiral staircase. This is the highlight of the dessert room: a sugar crystal staircase created by arranging acrylic box along the spiral staircase which is the icon of the Shugaa dessert bar.
When customers walk to the second floor, they can view the dessert preparation. Step further to the final zone, there is the private area that is an ideal and quiet place for having dessert while reading and working.

Shugaa, Bangkok, Thailand
Program: bar
Interior designer: party/space/design
Completion: January 2016

Where are we going ?

If your are a guest in this hotel you won´t know where the journey ends.

'The Morphotel' is a beautiful and still strange looking gigantic floating organism which brings you where the current brings you. The hotel gets all it´s power from the sun and the waves. Even the water from the rain will be gathered and use to bath and to grow vegetable for the meals for the passengers.  

Gianluca Santosuosso is the architect behind this amazing project, a hotel which brings you away on the ocean, without knowing where it will lead you. How crazy is this ! Off course the idea behind this, is to get rid of all the planned trips and great lost of energi we usually use on our normal trips where ever we go the world. Great thought!


Family skiing in Val D´isere.

The skiing holidays for the danes has started, and maybe you are still not sure where to go. Like most thing I do, the annual Christmas skiing holiday, is all about LA FAMIGLIA. My family is spred all over Europe , and this a great opportunity for us to get together in something we all love. We prefer skiing in France and usually choose Val D´isere or Courchevel, because of the easy acces to the slopes, great mountains and cozy villages, because we bring lot of kids. 


Mainstreet in Val Dísere

I have been visiting Val D´isere since highschool. We would drive down in busses and stay in apartment which were so small, that luggage and ski boots would be placed on the balcony, and be freezing cold in the morning when we had to be ready for the slopes. Now it´s my young nephews who are on the 20 hour bus trip down, but how I envy them, of the great adventure they are going to have right now :-)

Activities in Val D´isere

Now a days we go there as a family. And a large group that is ! Aunt´s, uncles, cousins, mothers, nephews, grandparents, dogs, brother in -laws, ex-husbands ( not mine though ;-), fathers, etc. And even though skiing is a big point on such a vacation, for us, lunching and dining is maybe even bigger :-/ Finding tables for all of us is quit a task, but I master it really well after many years of practise. And anyway its easy. We prefer the amazing terrace outside of Le Hotel Brussels, which is smack in the middle of where all the slopes come down from the mountain. An other great small place for lunch is just up the lift to your right at the La Peau de Vache , which is great for outdoor coffee and vin chaud breaks or cozy lunches indoor in a blizzard.

Slopes of Val D´isere

The youngest skier is 2 years old and the oldest is 73 years old. This year Oliver was super excited to be skiing together with his grandmother and his cousin Alfa. Unfortunately Alfa had a bad fall on her 2dn day and had to be taken down by banana and lay with a cast most of the week :-(  Sad sad sad, and I know really well what I am talking about, because of a bad fall I had 16 years ago.

Family fun in Val Dísere this Christmas


Terresse and room at L´Hotel Brussels.

Le Hotel Brussels has the absolut best location in Val D´isere on the end of all slopes and on the terrace you will have a nice lunch in the sun till 2.30 in the afternoon.  The hotel is fine and cozy, food is so so, staff super sweet but not very well organised, if you have a little patience everything will be fine.



We usually stay over New Year and this year we decided to have a great grown-up evening. Super table at Hotel Blizzard, one of the best hotel in Val D´sere. I intend to stay here in 4 years when Oliver is old enough. They don´t allow kids in the hotel ;-)  We had a lovely dinner and an afterparty in a non disclosed place after. Very hip.  


Gym Blizzard

HOTEL Les Barmes de l'Ours

Barmes de l´ours is one of the bigger hotels in Val d´isere. It´s elegant, but at the same time really family friendly. Here you find 3 restaurants which are all great, lots of activity for kids ( they have their own bowling alley ) , cozy wine and cigar bars, super gym and much more.  

Just a few picks from me, which maybe is in your tast. Enjoy and be careful on the slopes, Christina

2 opposite hotels in Copenhagen, which are both amazing, in each their own way.


Hotel Central, Vesterbro.

This is a hotel with only 1 room, but what a room! Located on top of a small café in the Vesterbro neighbourhood, the double room of Central Hotel has a unique interior design with beautiful handcrafted details that will make even the pickiest boutique hotel aficionado feel right at home. Central Hotel og Café is located in the Vesterbro neighbourhood right on the border of Frederiksberg. It is a lively and trendy area in secure distance to the city’s tourist traps. 
Around the corner is Værnedamsvej, the cosiest street in the city. For nightlife there are many restaurants, bars and cocktail bars in the immediate area. Close by is the old meat packing district (Kødbyen), with clubs, galleries, cafés, bars and restaurants – not to be missed!


Hotel D´Angleterre, central Copenhagen.

This 5 star luxury hotel has been refurnished a few years back, in an amazing style. It´s situated in the absolut center of Copenhagen near the charming port of Nyhavn. Just around the corner you will find great shopping and restaurant. 

The hotel originated from a result of a love affair between two young people. In the mid-1700s, fell in love Jean Marchal, serves at the Danish court, and Maria coppy, daughter of the court chef himself. Maria was known for his talents in the kitchen and Jean knew all about how they served the privileged. Together established Mr. And Mrs. Marchal a restaurant on Kongens Nytorv in 1755. This is where d'Angleterre's story begins. Hotel d'Angleterre's identity has been worn for more than 260 years of history of the founder Jean Marchal and his successors, talent and sense of providing service, hospitality and comfort of the highest class. It is this tradition that makes up the foundation as d'Angleterre is built.Hotel d'Angleterre was established in 1755 and is as legendary Copenhagen institution famous for its elegance, luxury and style. The hotel has undergone a transformation and is based on the area's rich history has been relaunched as a revitalized grand palais. The hotel's history and style complemented with new and intuitive services that speak to today's sophisticated traveler. Lovely place to stay.


Enjoy you stay in Copenhagen, and remember to contact me for a guided design or fashion tour at DESIGN TOUR on this site.

GERANIUM, a very different but amazing food experience.

We went to have lunch at restaurant GERANIUM on Saturday. First I was totally confused about the address . Geranium is situated in PARKEN where we usually go to support our National Foodball Team. It just did´t make sense to me that a restaurant in this caliber would be placed there. But as soon as you enter the lift to go the 8 flights up to the restaurant you get it. From up there you have a great view of the city all the way to Sweden. It´s a very posh and elegant restaurant which has won many awards for their experimental but great food. They say it best themself in this way : Geranium is a lucid, light and dynamic kitchen. Our mission is to create meals that involve all our senses - restores, challenges and enriches.

And for sure all your senses will be involved and tested and pleased. The location, the interior, the staff, the chef´s and the food are all amazing. Everything which has to do with GERANIUM is designed in,  made by , come from, found in or grown in Denmark and Scandinavia.

We brought Oliver, our 10 year old son to the restaurant. I know it´s not normal to bring kids to places like this, but we have always brought Oliver wherever we go, and he is used to a lot of different things and places. When we entered most people looked a little sceptic, but within no time everybody understood that Oliver was properly one of the guests, who appreciated and enjoyed the food experience of the 13 dishes the most, -much better than his mother who has difficulties sitting still for so long :-)

Geranium has been voted 42nd best restaurant on San Pellegrino's "The Worlds 50 best restaurants in 2014".

The top of Geranium, Søren Ledet and Rasmus Kofoed.

Lovely Interior at Geranium.

The crazy amazing Cellar at Geranium.

Amazing and decorative plates, which Oliver was loving.

Danish interior design.

More delicious and decorative food at Geranium.

Christmas wreath done by me !!!!

To say the least I really impressed myself this morning. I was invited to an amazing event at SØLYST  by Rungstedgaard with a theme of Christmas. First everybody had a tasteful breakfast and the smooth TREVERI ROSE , which by the way is served at the Royal Palace. After lovely songs by NELLIE ETTISON , we were introduced to EDITION POSHETTE who quitely walked us through the making of a christmas wreath. I am not much of a DIY girl normally, but I did it sooo well today. I am very proud and happy :-)

You still got time, let me explain you how. 

1. Start with a good glass of wine or Champagne  ;-)  

Then buy a " naked " straw wreath, green wire and different pine branches at your local flower shop. 

2. Buy some lovely christmas decorations and candles of you like, WITH wire.

3. Fasten the wire to the wreath with a knot , and slowly fasten the different branches around the wreath, with the thinner branches on the inside, to not make it too full. And finish everything off with a knot.

4. Then use you creative side and fantasy, apply you decor and candles as you like.

And voila´ - You just saved yourself a fortune and had the best happy time and meditation you could wish for.

Merry Christmas, my favorit time of year !


L´hotel Paris.

We were going to Paris a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to try something new this time as for hotel and area. I was recommended L´hotel in Saint Germain. The hotel has great history and the interior is full-on over the top, just the way I like it . L’Hotel was built in 1828 by Célestin-Joseph Happe in the exact location occupied by La Reine Margot’s Pavillon d’Amour (a pavilion of love) in the 17th century. The building became Hotel d’Allemagne in 1868 and then Hotel d’Alsace after the war of 1870. Oscar Wilde took up residence at the end of the 19th century and lived at L'Hotel until his death, famously claiming to 'live above his means'. Head Chef Julien Montbabut, returned to the kitchen of Le Restaurant in April 2011. Julien was sous-chef in 2008 when Le Restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in recognition of its outstanding cuisine, quality and service. We didn't end up here this time but I can´t wait to go there and enjoy the amazing surroundings and cuisine next time we are in Paris.

I can´t wait to sit out here and enjoy my croissant and caffe au latte.

The rooms are full of fantasy and colour and will make you feel amazing.

After a long day of walking I will be looking forward to try the hammam pool.

6 best boutique hotels in New York, ........in my opinion.

We were supposed to fly out to NY today, but that ain´t happening :-(    At least I am well prepared for next time. Originality, interior and location are the most important thing for me,  here are the 6 hotels I would have gone for.

The Greenwich Hotel

This New York City hotel is located in the city’s elite Tribeca neighborhood. It features an underground pool and fitness center, as well as an on-site restaurant and spa.

The NoMad Hotel

Views of New York City or the atrium are featured in each room at The Nomad Hotel. Mahogany work desks along with an iHome docking station and an in-room safe are also included. Nightly turn down service is provided for guests.

The Jade Hotel

Nestled in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, this boutique hotel is 10 minutes’ walk from the New York University campus and Washington Square Park. 

Boasting elegant 1920s-inspired décor, guest rooms at The Jade Hotel feature luxurious leather chairs and rich fabrics. Guests are pampered with a designer bathrobe, slippers and spa quality toiletries.

Soho Grand Hotel

Situated in the upscale SoHo neighborhood, this luxury hotel is close to art galleries, designer shops and popular restaurants. This modern hotel features an outdoor restaurant and all rooms have city views.

Hotel Americano

Boasting an outdoor rooftop pool in the summer which turns intimate lounge in the winter, 2 gourmet restaurants and modern rooms with city views is this 4-star hotel. It is centrally located in the heart of the Chelsea Riviera between the High Line and the Hudson River.

Hudson New York, Central Park

Featuring an interior lobby garden with trees and ivy walls, this boutique hotel is within 5 minutes' walk to Central Park and the Columbus Circle Subway Station.

Have a safe trip and enjoy, Christina.

First 5 out of 15 of my favourite restaurants in Copenhagen.

It´s my birthday today, HURRAH for me... ;-) and as the most natural thing I have invited my whole family for lunch at Cafe Victor in the center of Copenhagen, because it feels like home. 

Are you are planing a trip to Copenhagen you should definitely try some of these restaurants below. Copenhagen has a great variety of foods and restaurants to visit, this is 5 of many of my favourites within a radius of less than 200 m from each other. 


CAFE´ VICTOR, ..............I have a soft spot for Cafe´Victor. I have been coming here all my life with friends and family. Since the early 90-ties,  dancing to great music untill late and then meeting up with the whole Clan ( my family ) at least a couple of times during the week for coffee or lunch . It´s kind of a home away from home to me, not to mention restaurant Manager, Carsten, who has been one of the most important, funny and gentle ingredients at Cafe Victor since ´The dawn of Time´. It´s like a typical cozy french bistro and you will find everything from traditional danish open sandwiches to Moules marinières, oysters or a great steak. 


FIAT, ..............Having lived in Italy for the past 22 years I have become just a tiny bit critical about Italian food outside Italy. But FIAT is definitely an Italian restaurant where I have dared to invited my Sicilian in-laws for lunch and dinner and getting out of it alive !!!!!!! FIAT create lovely non-pretensious simple plates, .......just the way Italian food should be.


TAARNET ( THE TOWER ),  I went for lunch with Luca the other day in the newly opened restaurant, The Tower, which is the tower of the Danish Parliament. The view from the tower of Christiansborg Palace is unique and magnificent – Copenhagen’s highest tower, which is now open to the public, for the very first time. The tower is the property of the Danish Parliament, whose Members took the initiative to open it – for the pleasure of all those who live in or are visiting Copenhagen. Bojesen is your host at the restaurant, and you will be served classic danish open sandwiches and great desserts with a twist. If you are lucky you could be sitting  across the ex-Danish Prime Minister, ´Selfie Helle´ and other   MP´s. Great interior, good service and nice light food. Definitely worth trying.


PLUTO, ........Really cozy place in great atmosphere, with lots of young people in great spirit. It´s a mix of international cuisine, with great spanish tapas, italian pasta´s, beef and much more. Great young waiters and a guaranty of a fun evening.


MARCHAL, ......... This beautiful and elegant Michelin restaurant which is in connection with the great Hotel D´angleterre is the place to go for a special night out if you want to be impressed or impress.

Have a great night out, Christina

South America meets Denmark, at Llama

We were for dinner at Llama the other day, and its such a joy for the eye. The South American inspired restaurant in the center of Copenhagen, has just been nominated for the very prestigious " The Restaurant and Bar Design Awards" for its amazing interior and concept, which amongst others has been created by Torben Klitbo, August Lund og Christian Lytje from Cofoco,  Jakob Lange, Lars Larsen and world renowned architect Bjarke Ingels. Definitely a place to try when you are in Copenhagen.

Design Awards 2015.

About last night. Most of the day I went from event to event. First ARPER with great showrooms, designs and speeches in Parkhus 48, then my sisters pop up shop for North.dk, with mega marshmallow in the center of Copenhagen and last but not least Design Awards 2015 which was hosted at PaustianBO BEDRE, Bolig Magasinet and Costume Living, arranged ´Design Awards 2015´again this year , a lovely event to celebrate and choose the best designers, up commers, comebacker´s and many more. I enjoyed myself with great food, wine, and in company of old and new friends, and one of my big idols, former education minister, Bertel Haarder.

Best designers 2015  ´GAMFRATESI´

Bertel Haarder presenting best designers 2015.

Food, sweets, wine, old and new friends.

Copenhagen by night.

The 10 best places in South of France.

We ended our great holiday in France. To me South of France is something very familiar. We have been coming there since I remember and will come again and again. The South of France has that special feeling of soft color, lavender, soft pink houses, small antique markets, great food, olive trees, lovely smelling baguette, Boeuf Tartare, super cheeses, Moule Mariniere and amazing wine. But it´s also like a circus for grown up´s with great shopping, vild cars and super crazy wealth which is fun to be a part of for a shorter while.


We are so lucky to have a family home in the mountainside behind Cannes. Up here we can enjoy and relax and just see beauty all around fare away from all the crowds. My parents bought the house 17 years ago just in time for me and Luca to have our wedding in this amazing place. We visit the house 2-3 times yearly and during summer we invite friends and family to stay with us. And the house is full of happy loud children and funny parents.



It´s always been a great wish of mine to visit Colombe dÓr the amazing art filled restaurant in St. Paul. It is a restaurant so full of history of the worlds greatest artists. BUT you must book a table a long time in advance, which I have done now for next summer.

The Colombe d’Or started life in 1920 as “Chez Robinson”, a café bar with an open air-terrace where people would dance at weekends. It soon attracted characters from the neighbourhood, which gave the idea to Paul with the support of his wife Baptistine “Titine”, to extend and reopen as the Colombe d’Or, an inn of 3 rooms. The friendly atmosphere together with Paul’s deep interest in the arts brought the visit of many artists and the walls were soon covered by paintings, which often were exchanged for a stay or a few meals.The end of the war saw the arrival of the international crowd and the new friendships between Paul’s son Francis and new visitors: Yves Montand, Lino Ventura, Serge Reggiani. Francis married Yvonne a young women of Danish origin and together they followed in Paul’s steps, commissioning amongst other things a colourful ceramic by Fernand Leger for the terrace. The fifties were the time of Miro, Braque, Chagall, followed by the time of Calder, Cesar and all the others, it is also, in 1951, the story of Montand and Simone Signoret and their wedding in Saint-Paul.



All over France, in every little village, you will find a cute market on week-ends. Big or small it´s never boring to look around for the perfect sun hat, an antique fireplace or the best home produced goat cheese. 



L´auberge du Vieux Chateau is a lovely intimate restaurant and hotel in Cabris. We usually go there a couple of times during summer to have a lovely, elegant and affordable dinner with an amazing view point of all of the South of France. On a hot night you sit outside on this tiny little square next to an knight´s castle otherwise you sit inside the lovely and light restaurant enjoying enjoy light 3-4 dishes.  You can even stay at there small hotel which is super french and cute. 



 We stayed in Villa Marie last summer on a small trip to St. Tropez. It´s an old wine yard, very rustic and charming with a great pool build into the mountain. Obviously they have an amazing kitchen here and even the breakfast is to die for. The villa is situated 5 minutes outside the center of St.Tropez in the direction of the beaches on the north side and you are out of the craziness of St.Tropez. Every corner of this hotel is made with such details and cure, and its great to go around exploring.




Arts Arts Arts and Food. Mougins is full of small gallaries and restaurants. You walk around the beautiful small narrow streets and find the nicest pieces of art, modern or old. And you find some restaurants which are absolutely great. And shops with cute things for the house.



CLUB 55 

´55 for me is absolutely the best to come back to. I am totally a traditionalist and return to places I love all the time. This is one of my favourites and will always be. I have great memories from here and I love the ambiance and to observe great looking families and be amazed about the people coming from boats to sit at the lovely lavender coloured tables drinking Rose´, eating great grilled fish and the famous vegetable plate they do.

Their shop is another favourite of mine. I could buy absolutely EVERYTHING they have from towels to beach dresses to hats to sharong to bracelets to carpets to to to......... Great style and colours. Ones, many years ago I went to try on a swimsuit and when I came out to see myself in the mirror, my biggest idol, Jack Nicholson, was observing me and said I looked real good in it !!! I bought it on the spot and wore it for toooo many years!!! 



Byblos is something to try just to have been in the same place where Mick Jagger wanted to marry Bianca, but ended up leaving because of the big commotion. The hotel is build from many small houses the owner has bought through time and there is something special about this place. La Cave downstairs is great for dancing until the early morning and the good thing is that you will loose a few pounds just by being there from the exaggerated number of people and the crazy heat.




When we have been a couples of days too long in our home up the hill, we go for the coats to do a little shopping, eating, bathing, observing people, enjoying cool cars and much more. The Carlton Beach Club is great for a light lunch and a little breeze . You sit out on the pier and follow whats going on at sea, on land and on the beach all in ones. I like observing! All 3 of us likes good food, great cars and a few shops so a quick trip to Cannes works for all 3 of us.




La Bastide Saint-Antoine is this amazing Michelin restaurant in Grasse, in land from Cannes. Remember your wallet, it´s going to cost you. But you must try at least ones. You will be served the most delicious dishes in amazing surroundings from a very pleasent staff. The hotel itself is beautiful situated in the most lovely olive grove as fare as the eye can see.


The 8 best places in Panarea, Isole Eolie, Sicily

I was in doubt if I should make this newsletter or keep it to myself. Because I love the fact that Panarea is so unspoiled and I have had it to myself for so long,... but here I go. Panarea is for me the absolute best place in Europe to stay for the summer. It´s one of 8 tiny islands called ´Isole Eolie´, on the north side of Sicily and we have been coming here for the past 9 years. Here you find the clearest waters and will go by boat all day long to visit other islands (preferably with the cutest captain you can find ),  best restaurants, great nature, volcanoes, kind and beautiful people, super hotels and great bars. A mix of Ibiza, Portofino, Capri and St.tropez, but much more low key. No gold and diamonds. Everything here is magical. And you will be hooked for life.




Lisca Bianca is a beautiful little hotel down at the port, owned by one of the 3 sisters who basically own the whole island. The hotel is with sweet small rooms and amazing interior. A great bar for Aperitivo and lounge music and even DJ and dancing during week-ends. Everything is kept in blue, turquoise and white which makes it a joy for the eye.

THE BRIDGE         

Right across from Lisca Bianca you find The Bridge, a super nice and trendy sushi place which have been lucky to attract one of the best original sushi chefs to the island. Everybody meet up here after a long day on the boats and get a few aperitivi before going home to change into something more sexy for the evening. Great music and great atmosphere in relaxed surroundings where you can keep an eye on whats going on on the pier from the balcony, at the same time. 


If you are interested in Michelin restaurants in a truly beautiful,  balanced and harmonic setting with a hostess who are so delicious and "in gamba" that you can't take you eyes off of her, then you must try Hycesia. In this place you eat the most amazing and delicate plates and have a wine list bigger than The Bible. The owner also has a cute little hotel next to the restaurant which is lovely and simple.


The Crown Jewel of the island is Raya. Raya is situated at the highest point of the island and seems the have the power on Panarea. It´s an ecological hotel, with an enormous pure saltwater pool. The rooms are decorated with delicacy and the whole hotel througout is made in a style of a mix of Bali, Italy and luxury hippy. Down at the port Raya has one of my favourite shops with clothes made by hand in the most delicious materials, pattens and colours. Beach/sailing/party wear in a very luxury hippy way. At Raya you usually arrive barefood. To top it all off, Raya has the best Aperitivo place on top of the roof of their restaurant in the port. From here you see the sun going down on LiscaBianca, the magic cliff in the water just infront of Panarea. After your aperitivo, you go to the restaurant downstairs where later there will be music and dancing till the early morning.


Hotel and restaurant Sirena is actually situated on Filicudi, the island on the right of Panarea. This great little colourful place is yet another must see in the seas of The Eolie. Great food in another lovely island with black amazing volcanic beaches. 


Quartara is another small lux hotel on the Panarea, definitely a place for couples. High in the mountain and romantic, with a great restaurant. From up here you have a very nice view of the island and the ocean and are able to stay a little apart from the rest of the crowd.


You want authentic Sicilian, you have to visit Da Pina where you will dine on original Sicilian ceramic and eat original Sicilian food. Some heavy.... some light. But lots of fresh fish, wine and melanzane will be on the menu. 


If you are at Banacal Sushi you will dine right under the stars. You are basically on top of the roof of Lisca Bianca and across from Bridge and seldom have I seen something so amazing. You eat the best sushi which is served in a lovely way and enjoy the atmosphere from all sides. It´s just great to sit with great food, great wine and great family and live life to the fullest in these surroundings.

I must go back as soon as possible, Christina


If you need a great reason to go to Denver, here is one. DENVER UNION STATION. If you’ve ever stood inside an Avroko-designed space, then you are fully aware of the visual feast of trinkets, vintage one-offs and authentic storytelling that ensues. The firm's principal designers, Greg Bradshaw, Adam Farmerie, Kristina O'Neal, and William Harris have an enticing way of transporting you into their world in a meals time.

It only makes sense that the New York based design firm would be selected to restore Denver Union Station, one of the city’s oldest establishments. The relic originally opened it’s doors back in the summer of 1881 and underwent a series of renovations over the following century. Fast forward 134 years, the 22-gate underground bus facility and light rail station is now a multi-functional space, that includes a hotel, several restaurants and shops — many of which, designed by Avroko.

Inspired by the idea of luxury train travel and the American industrial era, the designers created an eclectic social hub and two bars in this one of a kind historical preservation project. Beige and brown architectural elements and original textures were enhanced by painting everything white and focus was placed on custom lighting and furniture to bring life and a richness to each space. 

The wooden benches, free standing lamp posts and shuffleboard tables create a fun-loving spirit in the Great Hall, the drinks menu in the Terminal Bar harken back to nostalgic days of train travel in the style of an old departure board, and the lush fabrics found through The Cooper Lounge are reminiscent of Pullman car drinking booths. Here's to the next 100 years.


El chiringuito, it´s a family affair.

The summer has come and finally it´s time for me to visit some of my favorite places in the South of Europe. Ibiza has a speciel place in my heart. I have been coming there since forever. First time more than 30 years ago with my parents and brothers, since with uncles and cousins and now with husband ( who I met there 21 years ago ! ) and kid. Ibiza has something for all. The island has been and is, misunderstood by many, because of its bad rep from bad TV-shows and charter-tours. But it doesn't matter whether you are young, old, single, have kids, green or red, the island has a great spot for all kind. You just have to know the places which suits you the best. Luca, Oliver and I usually stay with one of my two cousins who moved there 22 years ago. We love to stay with them to make up for lost time away from each other. We always start with a wonderful day in Es Cavallet and a visit to el Chiringuito, one of my favorite lunch restaurants at the beach. Its a nice and relaxed way to start you holiday in Ibiza, not too much and not too little. Great food, chilled music and chic people. 

Es Cavallet , the beach where you can relax without too much action going on.

 el Chiringuito,  as you can see we enjoy "muchos" with family and friends.