by Malene Birger.

I was invited to attend the F/W 2016 fashion show by danish brand, by Malene Birger last week during Copenhagen Fashion Week. The show was held in Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek next to TIVOLI in the center of Copenhagen. An awesome location, which was kind of my " home " , as I was sketching for at least a couple of month here, during my years of studying design and architecture. The show was amazing, and I can´t wait to get my hand on the wide high waisted pants and great fur coats from the collection. I see the 40´, 50´ and 70´ in this collection, which is very mature and elegant, and with great color.

Mrs. Malene Birger the founder and original designer of the brand has always been a busy lady. First in 1997 when she created the fashion company,  Day Birger et Mikkelsen with Keld Mikkelsen, since in 2003 with the fashion brandby Malene Birger and now in 2014 with her interior design studio Birger1962. And with everything she makes, whether it´s in fashion or interior, you see a red line of elegance and international style. Very impressive and admirable. Christina

F/W 2016 show at Glyptoteket.

F/W 2016 great color, elegance, chopped high waisted pants and lovely fur.

This new Torun Bag, by Malene Birger is going to be mine very soon, I am sure :-)

Mrs. Malene Birger herself.

by Malene Birger headquarter Copenhagen, Frederiksberg.

by Malene Birger headquarter in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg.

Interior at by Malene Birger headquarter, super stylish and feminine. I was in a meeting here not long ago. What a beautiful place to turn up for work every morning.

Interior by Malene Birger

Birger1962 interior studio, with great inspiration from all of Malene Birger´s travels around the world.

 Remember if you need help with a personal styling, I will be happy to assist you , Christina

KVANUM, KLARLUND, GUBI & CAFE´ PLATEAU. It´s been a great week for me with lots of cozy and amazing events.

The past week or two I have been having the pleasure to be invited to some great events.


It started at KVANUM KØKKEN in Hellerup last Thursday. KVANUN KØKKEN hosted a lovely evening where you could find an amazing mix of all the best from kitchens to cars to ceramics to hunting to travel to rugs to food and coffee. KVANUM KØKKEN , the host of the night with their luxury designed kitchens. MADEAMANO , and their lovely coloured ceramic wall and floor tiles. KNOTHOUSE , and their beautiful silk rugs. VOLVO , with the brand new 4 wheel drive for family and hunting. PEACOCK TRAVEL , with their great designed trips to the best places in the world and many many more. Thank you KVANUM KØKKEN for such a great and interesting evening.


Thursday this week GUBI had a nice x-mas event, presenting LEIF SIGERSEN celebrating his 25 anniversary. He in cooperation with  LA GLACE presenting their lovely flower pasties and with Anne Fabricius Møller,  cute x-mass candles and much more.


We, who live 10 minutes out north of the center of Copenhagen in " RESERVATET " had a nice surprise last week with the opening of CAFE´ PLATEAU, on Hellerup Strandvej,  by the former owner of our ´hang out bar ´ from our youth, ZEZE . This cozy small place is already busy by us driving in and out from the city everyday. So nice finally to have a place to meet having a place to enjoy a glass of wine and a salat after work. 


Creme della Creme of events this week I have to say was KLARLUND´s event at BØRSEN ( the danish stock exchange ) First of all, the building is one of Copenhagens oldest and most beautiful, build at the same time as The Round Tower during the reign of King Christian IV. The view coming up to the entrance of the event was amazing with lit up trees in red and the whole facade of the building with light and fire. Security at it´s highest because of all the valuable jewellery, both vintage and new,  inside for us to look at and try on. I got a few good ideas for x-mas ;-) Thank you so much, Klarlund.

Great event week, Christina.

Who isn´t fascinated by Leopard.

Less is more.........,  BUT a little Leo is always great!
I can´t help but being fascinated whenever I see a nice leo print, whether it´s on a shoe, a bag or a coat. Since the first time I tried on one of my Grandma´s leopard printed shirt 40 years ago, I have been loving the animal print. Just make sure to mix it with something very simple, whether  it´s in interior or fashion, and you will be able to get away with it, without making it look eccentric. The keyword here is SIMPLE !

Me, on a lovely autumn day in Paris wearing one of my favourite coats, .....keeping it simple. Other than my MAXMARA coat I am wearing Golden Goose sneakers, Chanel bag, Jitrois leather pants and T-shirt.

Mix and match with leo print in your interior.

Custom made chairs put in a "simple" environment, watch out and don´t overdo it !


 Amazing cape from KARSTEN BACH 

D&G underwear, sorry last years, so sad I didn´t get it myself :-(

Black is powerful.

Black is usually a color associated with mystique, something negativ and many times even something frightening and evil. But still it´s the most popular color around. It makes such a strong statement whether it´s in fashion, architecture or design. Using black adds a lot of character, but you need quit the psyche to surround yourself in it. Take a look and see just how great it is.

Privat house with black exterior. It strengthen the look of the house.

E-type Jaguar 4.2 .A dream !

Arne Jacobsen The ´7 special edition in black with black legs. So much more amazing than the traditional one with steel legs.

Great mix of black and color in privat home. It gives a lot of character and collects the room.

Black tiles and brass in bathroom. Uber cool !

Laurent couch in black and brass from 

Linnen in black from AIAYA. Sleep well IF you dare.

Black Spinning light BH2 from &Tradition.

Staircase in black lacquer finished with gold metal strip. A very exclusive look.

Fridge from SMEG in black.

Home wall in black marble. WAUW!

Amazing kitchen in black lacquer. Specially when mixed with raw stone. Great contrast.

Special edition EAMES chair in black and brass. I want !

Me on a really good day :-)

It´s impossible to mention black without showing my sisters swimsuit and lingerie brand which has got only things in black.

And of course my black baby, Caesar.

Valentino 4 Cash&Rocket.

Valentino has in cooperation with Cash&Rocket designed a collection of shoes, clothes and bags with 20% going directly to charity. You can still make a different and help to donate money to 1 of the 3 charities chosen by Cash&Rocket, by purchasing some of the amazing things seen below. Cash & Rocket raised $1.7 so fare on C&Rtour2015 this year, well done Julie. xxx Stina

Julie Brangstrup and co-creative director of Valentino Pierpaolo Picciolo 

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Apples or pears, I choose Apple any day. They do it again and again, the newly launched, Apple watch  , is on the street and there is no way around it. Even though everybody is talking about families breaking down because of too much technology and media around the dinner table, this one will be a hit anyway. All you info on your wrist to go.                   

Apple watch makes all the ways you’re used to communicating more convenient. And because it sits right on your wrist, it can add a physical dimension to alerts and notifications. For example, you’ll feel a gentle tap with each incoming message. Apple Watch also lets you connect with your favorite people in fun, spontaneous ways — like sending a tap, a sketch, or even your heartbeat.

I just bought a new Mac, mine died over night after 5-6 years of hard work, so I guess it´s reasonable. As usual they come up with something nicer, thinner and cooler just weeks after and I unfortunately could not wait for it to be launched. But here it is .... Lovely :-)

Its all about gold and marble at Saint Laurent´s, Paris.

Something great to see next time you are in Paris. Saint Laurent reopens in Paris. In years past, everybody fell in love with the sharp and sleek design of Saint Laurent’s pace on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris. Outfitted in marble, complemented with mirror walls and glossy black interior accents, the space was a visual feast. Today, the fashion label has re-opened the 390-square-meter retail charm with the addition of tribal sculptures, gold coffee tables and creamy velvet loungers.

Designed by Hedi Slimane, French photographer, fashion designer and current creative director for Saint Laurent, the boutique features pieces by Jacques Adnet, Jean Besnard, Edith Borger, Théo Ruth, Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann by Alfred Porteneuve and André Sornay.

This time around, the space is so much more than a visual feast. It’s a museum of sculpture and fashion, a true reflection of the brand’s timeless presence in the ever-changing fashion realm.

Getting older sucks sometimes.

I am usually not the type to freak out about getting older. But last year I was shocked to realise that there are some physical obstacles you can´t fight. I have always been super proud of my mega super great sight. But after having visited the doctor 3-4 times last year, convinced I had an eye-infection,  I had to give in,  and accept that what I needed was glasses :-/   

In Copenhagen I am a big fan of Poul Stig, Brilleskrædderiet and Alle´Optik 

Tom Ford




Alexander McQueen

Romance & leather.

It is going to be difficult for me to get out of my black leather leggings, which I have been "living" in for the past 6 month. But if I mix it with white, creme or antique rose silk or other light fabric's, it makes me look less dressed for winter and gives me a soft transition to summer with a more positive and romantic spirit.

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Copenhagen Radio City Hall.

Radio City Hall ´Radiohuset´ in Copenhagen was created by the Danish functionalist architect,  Vilhelm Lauritzen, in the years from 1937-45. With help from his dear colleague, architect Finn Juhl who designed most of the furniture in the building. Being build during the war, with very few resources, Vilhelm Lauritzen found that instead of using rubber, he would use cheap soft Finnish birch mixed with teak, to create the right conditions for sound throughout the building. All wall´s are covered with maple, which over the years has turned reddish because of the exposure of the light. The building was conserved in 1994 for being a masterpiece of danish modernism.


During ´Danish Fashion Week´14 ´ I was asked, by Goldmind,  to be responsible for the interior for their ´Jewellery Room ´ event in the beautiful ceramic room which is located on the second floor of Radiohuset. Carl Hansen & Son was very kind to lend us their incredible classic designer furniture for the purpose. 


Like husband.

Isabel Marant is cool, but what´s cool too, is that her husband , Jerome Dreyfuss, is as cool. Nice creative team by the way ! His hip bags are in great materials, colours and shapes. The fact that not everybody has one around is nice. He has thought about how much stuff we carry around and can´t ever find, and to resolve this problem he has installed a small light inside the bag. Super idea, I love it  :-)

Other Jerome Dreyfuss bags.

I have always been a sucker for soft colours and soft materials.

Just as an inspiration.

Soft colours and soft materials are great, whether it´s for summer or winter. In these day´s which are grey and sad, it helps to use other than black. The big sweathers, boot´s, scarf´s or even fur in soft colours can definitely brighten up your day and help you along in this dark time of the year. If you need help please contact me at CASA CHRISTINA.

Le Cap Horn, the best maritime place in the mountains.

The last day of our vacation we treated our self to a great lunch at Le Cap Horn. A MUST when in Courchevel ! This amazing decadent restaurant is like walking on to a movie set. You are met with  loud dance music on the terrace, really glittery looking people, very nice looking staff and a 6 ft. Swarovski skull!!! Inside you are, right away,  presented with the opportunity to purchase a pair of 14 ct. earrings from Moussaieff,  if you should feel the need for that, after a great lunch of ousters or their famous chicken or the choice of one of their more than 600 listed wines. Or if you don´t have the ´trillions´ you would need for that,  you can do what I did, ....... just dive into the best desert table, know to mankind, which has everything from home made crepes, mini ice-creme cone´s, amazing fruitcakes to the most wonderful chocolate mousse.  At Le Cap Horn, the vibe is great, friendly and fun. It´s the perfect playground for grown-ups, with a "little" extra to spend :-)

Le Cap Horn