Black is powerful.

Black is usually a color associated with mystique, something negativ and many times even something frightening and evil. But still it´s the most popular color around. It makes such a strong statement whether it´s in fashion, architecture or design. Using black adds a lot of character, but you need quit the psyche to surround yourself in it. Take a look and see just how great it is.

Privat house with black exterior. It strengthen the look of the house.

E-type Jaguar 4.2 .A dream !

Arne Jacobsen The ´7 special edition in black with black legs. So much more amazing than the traditional one with steel legs.

Great mix of black and color in privat home. It gives a lot of character and collects the room.

Black tiles and brass in bathroom. Uber cool !

Laurent couch in black and brass from 

Linnen in black from AIAYA. Sleep well IF you dare.

Black Spinning light BH2 from &Tradition.

Staircase in black lacquer finished with gold metal strip. A very exclusive look.

Fridge from SMEG in black.

Home wall in black marble. WAUW!

Amazing kitchen in black lacquer. Specially when mixed with raw stone. Great contrast.

Special edition EAMES chair in black and brass. I want !

Me on a really good day :-)

It´s impossible to mention black without showing my sisters swimsuit and lingerie brand which has got only things in black.

And of course my black baby, Caesar.

The 10 best places in South of France.

We ended our great holiday in France. To me South of France is something very familiar. We have been coming there since I remember and will come again and again. The South of France has that special feeling of soft color, lavender, soft pink houses, small antique markets, great food, olive trees, lovely smelling baguette, Boeuf Tartare, super cheeses, Moule Mariniere and amazing wine. But it´s also like a circus for grown up´s with great shopping, vild cars and super crazy wealth which is fun to be a part of for a shorter while.


We are so lucky to have a family home in the mountainside behind Cannes. Up here we can enjoy and relax and just see beauty all around fare away from all the crowds. My parents bought the house 17 years ago just in time for me and Luca to have our wedding in this amazing place. We visit the house 2-3 times yearly and during summer we invite friends and family to stay with us. And the house is full of happy loud children and funny parents.



It´s always been a great wish of mine to visit Colombe dÓr the amazing art filled restaurant in St. Paul. It is a restaurant so full of history of the worlds greatest artists. BUT you must book a table a long time in advance, which I have done now for next summer.

The Colombe d’Or started life in 1920 as “Chez Robinson”, a café bar with an open air-terrace where people would dance at weekends. It soon attracted characters from the neighbourhood, which gave the idea to Paul with the support of his wife Baptistine “Titine”, to extend and reopen as the Colombe d’Or, an inn of 3 rooms. The friendly atmosphere together with Paul’s deep interest in the arts brought the visit of many artists and the walls were soon covered by paintings, which often were exchanged for a stay or a few meals.The end of the war saw the arrival of the international crowd and the new friendships between Paul’s son Francis and new visitors: Yves Montand, Lino Ventura, Serge Reggiani. Francis married Yvonne a young women of Danish origin and together they followed in Paul’s steps, commissioning amongst other things a colourful ceramic by Fernand Leger for the terrace. The fifties were the time of Miro, Braque, Chagall, followed by the time of Calder, Cesar and all the others, it is also, in 1951, the story of Montand and Simone Signoret and their wedding in Saint-Paul.



All over France, in every little village, you will find a cute market on week-ends. Big or small it´s never boring to look around for the perfect sun hat, an antique fireplace or the best home produced goat cheese. 



L´auberge du Vieux Chateau is a lovely intimate restaurant and hotel in Cabris. We usually go there a couple of times during summer to have a lovely, elegant and affordable dinner with an amazing view point of all of the South of France. On a hot night you sit outside on this tiny little square next to an knight´s castle otherwise you sit inside the lovely and light restaurant enjoying enjoy light 3-4 dishes.  You can even stay at there small hotel which is super french and cute. 



 We stayed in Villa Marie last summer on a small trip to St. Tropez. It´s an old wine yard, very rustic and charming with a great pool build into the mountain. Obviously they have an amazing kitchen here and even the breakfast is to die for. The villa is situated 5 minutes outside the center of St.Tropez in the direction of the beaches on the north side and you are out of the craziness of St.Tropez. Every corner of this hotel is made with such details and cure, and its great to go around exploring.




Arts Arts Arts and Food. Mougins is full of small gallaries and restaurants. You walk around the beautiful small narrow streets and find the nicest pieces of art, modern or old. And you find some restaurants which are absolutely great. And shops with cute things for the house.



CLUB 55 

´55 for me is absolutely the best to come back to. I am totally a traditionalist and return to places I love all the time. This is one of my favourites and will always be. I have great memories from here and I love the ambiance and to observe great looking families and be amazed about the people coming from boats to sit at the lovely lavender coloured tables drinking Rose´, eating great grilled fish and the famous vegetable plate they do.

Their shop is another favourite of mine. I could buy absolutely EVERYTHING they have from towels to beach dresses to hats to sharong to bracelets to carpets to to to......... Great style and colours. Ones, many years ago I went to try on a swimsuit and when I came out to see myself in the mirror, my biggest idol, Jack Nicholson, was observing me and said I looked real good in it !!! I bought it on the spot and wore it for toooo many years!!! 



Byblos is something to try just to have been in the same place where Mick Jagger wanted to marry Bianca, but ended up leaving because of the big commotion. The hotel is build from many small houses the owner has bought through time and there is something special about this place. La Cave downstairs is great for dancing until the early morning and the good thing is that you will loose a few pounds just by being there from the exaggerated number of people and the crazy heat.




When we have been a couples of days too long in our home up the hill, we go for the coats to do a little shopping, eating, bathing, observing people, enjoying cool cars and much more. The Carlton Beach Club is great for a light lunch and a little breeze . You sit out on the pier and follow whats going on at sea, on land and on the beach all in ones. I like observing! All 3 of us likes good food, great cars and a few shops so a quick trip to Cannes works for all 3 of us.




La Bastide Saint-Antoine is this amazing Michelin restaurant in Grasse, in land from Cannes. Remember your wallet, it´s going to cost you. But you must try at least ones. You will be served the most delicious dishes in amazing surroundings from a very pleasent staff. The hotel itself is beautiful situated in the most lovely olive grove as fare as the eye can see.