Cash & Rocket fundraising tour 2019.

"I attended Cash&Rocket´s first tour in 2012 were we supported RED, a Global Fund, who’s organisation has helped more than 140 million people with prevention, treatment, counselling, HIV testing and care services. I was amazed with the idea of empowering women gathering to help with important charities, and of cause the professional way the Cash&Rocket team planned the event.

Throughout the years I have been delighted to see the development of Cash&Rocket. They have grown and shown their worth, ability and will to help where needed. The first year we were able to raise a big sum of money for the RED, but since then even larger funds has been raised due to dedication, effort and hard work. This have made it possible for Cash&Rocket to provide life-changing support for women and children in need all over the world - including building schools for young girls in Sierra Leone.

This years fundraising will all go to The Helen Bamber Foundation, The Sumbandila Scholarship Trust and The Dream for future Africa Foundation.

We will drive through 4 European cities attending events, and try to get as many people to donate as much as possible.

If we do not meet you during the 4 day rally, please help us here, donate whatever you can spare, everything helps. Thank you very much.

“I cannot wait to be a part of the tour again this year, and start helping."

Christina Brangstrup Arnoldi

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