Interior for men, stylish and cool.

How great would it be if I were to design an interior for a man. This is for sure one way I would do it. When you speak about interior most people think about women. Guy´s like it stylish too, they are just a little afraid of making it too posh, but cool it has to be. I will give you an example of how I would do it, see below. 

For the livingroom,  I would bring in darker color, lots of wood and leather, make space for Playstation, wide screen and very few books.

I would bring in great comfortable leather chairs like this one from Rooster decor without it having to be a " Lazy-boy" like the one Joey from FRIENDS, loves so much.

In the kitchen I would bring in a little ´bling´ . I am sure the man in this home, would not be the one cleaning after all ;-)

As for the bedroom I would not put in mirrors in the ceiling !!!!   But some raw materials to get the prime drive through.

And as for the bath, wood and concrete , Wash´n Go, as simple as possible, the way it should be for any man.

And it goes without saying, that I would integrate my new table ´La Grande Mamma´ from the furniture series LA FAMIGLIA , as a dining table or an office table in the interior. The table can be ordered from me at 

Enjoy, Christina