JULY 10, 2015 by ALEX PENN for KNSTRCT.

Snapshot: While most piers eventually end as they stretch out into the sea, Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter’s Infinity Bridge never comes to this abrupt stop. Bringing visitors back to the once popular coast near Denmark’s Varna Palace, the ring-shaped bridge reaches far into the sea to create the perfect panorama for sightseers.

The coast near Varna Palace in Aarhus, Denmark was once a popular destination for those who wanted to enjoy a beautiful view of the sea thanks to the many piers present from 1897 to World War 2, but as those piers vanished so did the desire to enjoy the bright blue waters. An effort to bring this connection to the sea back, Denmark-based firm Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter designed the Infinity Bridge, a pier that’s not only infinite because of the unending nature of its circular shape but because of the limitless views of the sea it provides.

Circling out into the water, the wooden ring-shaped bridge sets the stage for an endless panoramic view of the sea. Doing more than a linear pier would for visitors who want to spend an evening on a scenic adventure, the Infinity Bridge captures all angles thanks to its round and endless form, mimicking the smooth currents of the water beneath it.

Aarhus I Billeder Photography