Family skiing in Val D´isere.

The skiing holidays for the danes has started, and maybe you are still not sure where to go. Like most thing I do, the annual Christmas skiing holiday, is all about LA FAMIGLIA. My family is spred all over Europe , and this a great opportunity for us to get together in something we all love. We prefer skiing in France and usually choose Val D´isere or Courchevel, because of the easy acces to the slopes, great mountains and cozy villages, because we bring lot of kids. 


Mainstreet in Val Dísere

I have been visiting Val D´isere since highschool. We would drive down in busses and stay in apartment which were so small, that luggage and ski boots would be placed on the balcony, and be freezing cold in the morning when we had to be ready for the slopes. Now it´s my young nephews who are on the 20 hour bus trip down, but how I envy them, of the great adventure they are going to have right now :-)

Activities in Val D´isere

Now a days we go there as a family. And a large group that is ! Aunt´s, uncles, cousins, mothers, nephews, grandparents, dogs, brother in -laws, ex-husbands ( not mine though ;-), fathers, etc. And even though skiing is a big point on such a vacation, for us, lunching and dining is maybe even bigger :-/ Finding tables for all of us is quit a task, but I master it really well after many years of practise. And anyway its easy. We prefer the amazing terrace outside of Le Hotel Brussels, which is smack in the middle of where all the slopes come down from the mountain. An other great small place for lunch is just up the lift to your right at the La Peau de Vache , which is great for outdoor coffee and vin chaud breaks or cozy lunches indoor in a blizzard.

Slopes of Val D´isere

The youngest skier is 2 years old and the oldest is 73 years old. This year Oliver was super excited to be skiing together with his grandmother and his cousin Alfa. Unfortunately Alfa had a bad fall on her 2dn day and had to be taken down by banana and lay with a cast most of the week :-(  Sad sad sad, and I know really well what I am talking about, because of a bad fall I had 16 years ago.

Family fun in Val Dísere this Christmas


Terresse and room at L´Hotel Brussels.

Le Hotel Brussels has the absolut best location in Val D´isere on the end of all slopes and on the terrace you will have a nice lunch in the sun till 2.30 in the afternoon.  The hotel is fine and cozy, food is so so, staff super sweet but not very well organised, if you have a little patience everything will be fine.



We usually stay over New Year and this year we decided to have a great grown-up evening. Super table at Hotel Blizzard, one of the best hotel in Val D´sere. I intend to stay here in 4 years when Oliver is old enough. They don´t allow kids in the hotel ;-)  We had a lovely dinner and an afterparty in a non disclosed place after. Very hip.  


Gym Blizzard

HOTEL Les Barmes de l'Ours

Barmes de l´ours is one of the bigger hotels in Val d´isere. It´s elegant, but at the same time really family friendly. Here you find 3 restaurants which are all great, lots of activity for kids ( they have their own bowling alley ) , cozy wine and cigar bars, super gym and much more.  

Just a few picks from me, which maybe is in your tast. Enjoy and be careful on the slopes, Christina