First 5 out of 15 of my favourite restaurants in Copenhagen.

It´s my birthday today, HURRAH for me... ;-) and as the most natural thing I have invited my whole family for lunch at Cafe Victor in the center of Copenhagen, because it feels like home. 

Are you are planing a trip to Copenhagen you should definitely try some of these restaurants below. Copenhagen has a great variety of foods and restaurants to visit, this is 5 of many of my favourites within a radius of less than 200 m from each other. 


CAFE´ VICTOR, ..............I have a soft spot for Cafe´Victor. I have been coming here all my life with friends and family. Since the early 90-ties,  dancing to great music untill late and then meeting up with the whole Clan ( my family ) at least a couple of times during the week for coffee or lunch . It´s kind of a home away from home to me, not to mention restaurant Manager, Carsten, who has been one of the most important, funny and gentle ingredients at Cafe Victor since ´The dawn of Time´. It´s like a typical cozy french bistro and you will find everything from traditional danish open sandwiches to Moules marinières, oysters or a great steak. 


FIAT, ..............Having lived in Italy for the past 22 years I have become just a tiny bit critical about Italian food outside Italy. But FIAT is definitely an Italian restaurant where I have dared to invited my Sicilian in-laws for lunch and dinner and getting out of it alive !!!!!!! FIAT create lovely non-pretensious simple plates, .......just the way Italian food should be.


TAARNET ( THE TOWER ),  I went for lunch with Luca the other day in the newly opened restaurant, The Tower, which is the tower of the Danish Parliament. The view from the tower of Christiansborg Palace is unique and magnificent – Copenhagen’s highest tower, which is now open to the public, for the very first time. The tower is the property of the Danish Parliament, whose Members took the initiative to open it – for the pleasure of all those who live in or are visiting Copenhagen. Bojesen is your host at the restaurant, and you will be served classic danish open sandwiches and great desserts with a twist. If you are lucky you could be sitting  across the ex-Danish Prime Minister, ´Selfie Helle´ and other   MP´s. Great interior, good service and nice light food. Definitely worth trying.


PLUTO, ........Really cozy place in great atmosphere, with lots of young people in great spirit. It´s a mix of international cuisine, with great spanish tapas, italian pasta´s, beef and much more. Great young waiters and a guaranty of a fun evening.


MARCHAL, ......... This beautiful and elegant Michelin restaurant which is in connection with the great Hotel D´angleterre is the place to go for a special night out if you want to be impressed or impress.

Have a great night out, Christina