El chiringuito, it´s a family affair.

The summer has come and finally it´s time for me to visit some of my favorite places in the South of Europe. Ibiza has a speciel place in my heart. I have been coming there since forever. First time more than 30 years ago with my parents and brothers, since with uncles and cousins and now with husband ( who I met there 21 years ago ! ) and kid. Ibiza has something for all. The island has been and is, misunderstood by many, because of its bad rep from bad TV-shows and charter-tours. But it doesn't matter whether you are young, old, single, have kids, green or red, the island has a great spot for all kind. You just have to know the places which suits you the best. Luca, Oliver and I usually stay with one of my two cousins who moved there 22 years ago. We love to stay with them to make up for lost time away from each other. We always start with a wonderful day in Es Cavallet and a visit to el Chiringuito, one of my favorite lunch restaurants at the beach. Its a nice and relaxed way to start you holiday in Ibiza, not too much and not too little. Great food, chilled music and chic people. 

Es Cavallet , the beach where you can relax without too much action going on.

 el Chiringuito,  as you can see we enjoy "muchos" with family and friends.