Black is powerful.

Black is usually a color associated with mystique, something negativ and many times even something frightening and evil. But still it´s the most popular color around. It makes such a strong statement whether it´s in fashion, architecture or design. Using black adds a lot of character, but you need quit the psyche to surround yourself in it. Take a look and see just how great it is.

Privat house with black exterior. It strengthen the look of the house.

E-type Jaguar 4.2 .A dream !

Arne Jacobsen The ´7 special edition in black with black legs. So much more amazing than the traditional one with steel legs.

Great mix of black and color in privat home. It gives a lot of character and collects the room.

Black tiles and brass in bathroom. Uber cool !

Laurent couch in black and brass from 

Linnen in black from AIAYA. Sleep well IF you dare.

Black Spinning light BH2 from &Tradition.

Staircase in black lacquer finished with gold metal strip. A very exclusive look.

Fridge from SMEG in black.

Home wall in black marble. WAUW!

Amazing kitchen in black lacquer. Specially when mixed with raw stone. Great contrast.

Special edition EAMES chair in black and brass. I want !

Me on a really good day :-)

It´s impossible to mention black without showing my sisters swimsuit and lingerie brand which has got only things in black.

And of course my black baby, Caesar.