Arne Jacobsen, a true pride for Denmark.

Arguably Denmark’s most famous 20thcentury furniture designer, Arne Jacobsen was also a highly accomplished architect. Shortly after graduating in 1927 he opened his own design office, which he ran with driven determination until his death in 1971. Through his long and productive career, Jacobsen worked in architecture, furniture, product and textile design, and was a professor of architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen for many years.

AJ himself

Being a Dane in Italy obviously I had to have as many danish icons in my house as possible, when I designed and build it 10 years ago. It´s a great mix of Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, George Jensen, PH and Luis Poulsen, when it comes to chairs and light. Børsen Pleasure made a very nice article about me when the house was ready back then. Now it´s time for a change, after more than 300-400 lunches with a minimum of 18 people at the time, I am going to reupholster all my beautiful, but much worn chairs, and I am thinking to go for leather this time.