An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Apples or pears, I choose Apple any day. They do it again and again, the newly launched, Apple watch  , is on the street and there is no way around it. Even though everybody is talking about families breaking down because of too much technology and media around the dinner table, this one will be a hit anyway. All you info on your wrist to go.                   

Apple watch makes all the ways you’re used to communicating more convenient. And because it sits right on your wrist, it can add a physical dimension to alerts and notifications. For example, you’ll feel a gentle tap with each incoming message. Apple Watch also lets you connect with your favorite people in fun, spontaneous ways — like sending a tap, a sketch, or even your heartbeat.

I just bought a new Mac, mine died over night after 5-6 years of hard work, so I guess it´s reasonable. As usual they come up with something nicer, thinner and cooler just weeks after and I unfortunately could not wait for it to be launched. But here it is .... Lovely :-)