Brighten up you bathroom.

For me, light in a room is the most important thing. You can have any house or any furniture,.... if the lighting is wrong, everything is wrong. Light have to be practical and give character at the same time. It´s important with lots of lightpoint through a house to create the cozy feeling, and as a practical use you must put general light with a regulater to get more light when needed. In bathrooms a lot of general light is needed to shave or put on make-up, because you need light from all sides of the face. If you think about how make-up mirrors in theatres are made with 8-10 lightbulbs all around a mirror, it give you an idea of what kind of light works best in you bathroom. 

In my own bathroom I have put in very bright general light from the ceiling and a long row of light over my mirror. Ideally I should have devided my long mirror in 2 and placed light vertical on each side to get the full light from all sides. In design you always have to compromise but I would say it works 95%.

The darker a room, the more light you will need. Here you see an example of very bright light coming from above and from below to give enough light for what you need.

If lamps are not your thing, just make sure to place a few extreme bright light where it´s needed.

Lighter rooms makes it easier with fewer lights places in the right places. This would be perfect.

The light in this room I would say is perfect, it comes from all sides and because of this, it will be really useful.

I hope these advices can be useful for you. Otherwise contact me and I will assist.