10 Great ideas for children ´s rooms.

There are so many funny way´s to decorate children´s rooms. You can make it playfull, creative, smart, intelligent and funny. Decorate with things that can help to keep their rooms in order, like penholders, small containers, shelfs and draws. Or decorate wall´s with wallpaper or metal boards to help their learning ability.  

This is a picture of Oliver´s room from when he was 5 years old. I found him this beautiful map of the world at Tapet Cafeen. And we used it, as a way to play with names and places of all the cities and countries where we have been, or where we have relatives who lives. By the age of 6 he knew most of the world from this map.

Since we were living in Italy until recently, I made Oliver a "Wall of Fame ( Family )" with pictures of all our friends and family who he could not be surrounded with daily. We used to speak about everybody often and I know it ment a lot to him to "see" them everyday.

Make a decorative wall which at the same time is a creative corner, like this black board where they can draw new things all day long. The black boards ou can buy ready made or do it yourself by buying the special paint in stores. Create also a cozy corner for reading like this little Tipi, all children loves caves and small hiding places.

Are they 2 who have to share a space, divide it and give them some privacy, which will give them a possibility the concentrate even more, to do their studies. This is also a great way to creat something nice and pratical at the same time, by making space for their stuff to be put in containers and on shelf´s.

Fun, fun and pratical. Make a whole designer/leaning black board wall with pen holders, paper, containers for smaller things and shelfs. Attach black elastic with nails or glue to hold pens and use hooks for containers. 

Learning should be fun. With this light metal board attach on the wall and a bucket of letter magnet´s you will accelerate your child´s reading and writing abilities.

Children create great things and a lot of it! You properly havn´t got space for all of it. Make these re-useable frames and put up new "art" from time to time.

In houses of all sizes, storage is a problem, use all corners available like behind this door where you can set up narrow shelf´s for books and paintings. 

If hopscotch is the thing which is a favourite game, then use black tape to design on the floor, when it´s no fun anymore, you just remove the tape and no harm is done.

Create this wooden frame as a house for your kid. They will love it and it looks fantastic. Decorate with christmas lights. Most fathers can put together 15 lengths of wood.

                                                                  Enjoy, Christina