Are you interested in seeing the best of the best in Copenhagen ?

I started ´Personal Shopping Experiences by Christina Arnoldi`earlier this year. The idea came to me, because since I have moved back to Denmark after having lived in Italy for most of my adult life, I see Copenhagen in a clearer and fresher light. Since returning here, I have had many guests visiting, not only from Italy, but from all over, and I have a great wish to show everybody the Copenhagen I love. Compared to many other Danes, I see Denmark in a fresh light, because I have been away for many years and things has not become a habit to me yet. Copenhagen is wonderful and has so much more to offer, than most people think. Many foreigners idea of Copenhagen is `The little mermaid`, Christiania and lots of rain. Obviously here are greater things to see :-)

Because of my background in architecture and design, my love for fashion and my interest in art, I have created contacts to the best design houses, fashion-and jewellery stores and galleries. For people who have never been to Copenhagen before or people who lives here but with very little time, it can be a big help to have me guide them around in a nice, programmed  and competently way. 

If you are interested in a DESIGN TOUR, contact me by mail :  or by phone +45 28875289 to make an appointment.

Kind regards