Turn up the volume in your bathroom.

Bathrooms are often overlooked in homes. But still each person uses 1-2 hours a day in there, wouldn't it be nice to be surrounded by something lovely. Have some fun re-doing you bathroom by filing it with colours, wall-paper, candlelights, lacquer, chandeliers, paintings, gold, fat cotton, lights and much more. 

Enjoy, Christina

The effect of light is amazing.

Spice up a smaller and dull room with wall-paper and give it character.

Have fun with colours and create something completely different. 

Make a "Wall of Fame" to spice things up.

Make a fantastic floor with lacquer and keep it clean and graphic at the same time.

Refine your bathroom with a chandelier and get that hotel mood.

Do it ALL wall-paper, gold, chandelier, stripes, paintings, lights .....go crazy. 

Use candles to get the cozy and romantic feeling even in a very minimalistic styled bathroom.