I just had a great trip to Berlin with good friends. And in the few day´s we spend in the city I have visited  a couple of nice places. Berlin is a great mix of many different architectural styles from classic to fascist to modern. Newly "started" ca. 25 years ago and with it´s ca. 3.5 million habitants it has a little cozy-ness like Copenhagen, the large boulevards of Paris and some of the modern vibe of N.Y. But it feels like it has not found it´s own character just yet. We started with a lunch in the studio of Olafur Eliasson, where LittleSun has one of their offices. Here you are meet with a fantastic energi of a large staff of architects, designers and artist. Amazing !

In the evenings we had the best cocktails at SAGE, a great place with young and older, smart and families, trendy and classic. Super loung music, cigar room and the coolest bathrooms. We visited BIKINI, great hotel and club,  Kimchiprincess a fun korean place, Sale e Tabacchi a great typical milanese restaurant and the sky lounge bar at Hotel de Roma. Sadly I missed out on the famous Kaefer Restaurant on top of the Reichstag building in the very heart of Berlin, but fortunately on Saturday we were lucky to have a privat showing of a bunker which has been turned into a large gallery. The bunker was bought by an advertising mogul, Christian Boros,  to be able to build his own penthouse on top of the 5 story bunker. And off course we saw Memorial to the murdered Jews, a breathtaking place. Beautiful and so sad at the same time. The rest of the time we would walk and walk the streets of Berlin and take it all in.