How to create more space in a smaller place.

I remember my first apartment which was 32m2. and the way I was using every corner available  and still having space enough for a workstation, dining area, "walk-in closet", kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room and making parties for 35 people at the time, to great joy of my neighbors ;-/ 

I am often asked how to make more space in a house which has less square meters. You have to use the imagination and build up, build down, on the side and divide. Below I have illustrated ways to use you space in a good way which makes it possible to have room for everything. 

If you have enough hight in the room, a great idea is to build up, and in that way make a 2nd. floor.

Divide your space into 2 in an easy and economic way by using a cute curtain to make one room into bedroom and living room at the same time.

A more permanent way to divide a room into two is to build a wall which you can use as a library and a divider at the same time.

If you don´t have a lot of space it´s obvious that you will have to buy more compact elements to get all you need into the space you have to work with.

A great way to get more space specially in the bedroom is to build up, because here you will usually not need at lot of hight in the bed area. In this way you will create a lot of extra storage. 

Use folding bed or tables to save space.

I hope you can use some of these ideas, Christina