Spring is here, expand your home with cozy corners in you garden , balconies or windowsill´s.

When the sun is coming out like now, I can´t wait to buy flowers. There is nothing better that getting a little colour in the garden or balcony. I find everything I don´t use in the house anymore like old baskets, vases, pillows, blanket´s and Christmas decorations, and just change the colour of candles and bow´s to fit the Spring mood.

Here we go.......

Pillows which I don´t use inside anymore, are now great for outside.

My Christmas decorations can last a couple of week more. I just change bow colour, take away the candles and plant a few colorful flowers in the middel.


Our Christmas candle gets a new life with change of colours of bow and candle.

More "old" pillows are being used outside and my old laundry basket is being put back to life as a  flower vase.

Happy Spring,