Mirror mirror on the wall....

I love paintings, but must admit to be very ignorant when it comes to art, which means most of the time I go for mirrors, because I have such difficulties choosing which kind of art to invest in. I love mirrors. Not only to admire myself ;-) .....but to reflect other great things in the surroundings, in or out. Mirrors give you the illusion of larger space and more light. Enjoy yourself by searching through flee markets for funny or simple or elegant mirrors to decorate your wall. If you have a little extra to spend check out the beautiful danish designed mirror´s  Reflection by Hugau/Larsson . Happy hunting. 

Use a large mirror to reflect the light from other parts of the house into darker areas. 

Customized mirrors set in wall.

Antique mirrors found on flee markets set as decoration.

Big elegant mirror, can be found in antique shops or even found as replica in ILVA or IKEA. Makes the effect of a much larger/longer hallway.

Customized mirror in iron.