Let me present to you " La Grande Mamma " .

She has been with me always, but finally I can present her to you all ..... " La Grande Mamma ".

I call her "she" and " La Grande Mamma ", because she is the first and biggest and most important in my new furniture collection - LA FAMIGLIA . And as we all know, it´s always Mamma who gets everybody together. Before I became a mother myself, it would be my mother and before that, my grandmother . I designed " La Grande Mamma " many years ago, for my house in Sicily. The table represent to me, togetherness and happy times, which I usually spend with my family, so this is the reason I have named the collection - LA FAMIGLIA. My family could easily be Italian. I dare say, we are maybe even more Italian, that most Italians. On top of that, being married to an Italian and also having had all of his family around the past 22 years, I would say I pretty much qualify to know a little something about family, gatherings, coziness, giant lunches and dinners involving a table.

I hope you like it, half as much as I love it.  Christina

My first sketch of " La Grande Mamma "

Join us for a glass of bubbles at the SPOTLIGHT EVENTS showroom Tuesday 15th of December from 3 o’clock St. Kongensgade 103, 1264 Copenhagen - and see the real thing.