Christmas wreath done by me !!!!

To say the least I really impressed myself this morning. I was invited to an amazing event at SØLYST  by Rungstedgaard with a theme of Christmas. First everybody had a tasteful breakfast and the smooth TREVERI ROSE , which by the way is served at the Royal Palace. After lovely songs by NELLIE ETTISON , we were introduced to EDITION POSHETTE who quitely walked us through the making of a christmas wreath. I am not much of a DIY girl normally, but I did it sooo well today. I am very proud and happy :-)

You still got time, let me explain you how. 

1. Start with a good glass of wine or Champagne  ;-)  

Then buy a " naked " straw wreath, green wire and different pine branches at your local flower shop. 

2. Buy some lovely christmas decorations and candles of you like, WITH wire.

3. Fasten the wire to the wreath with a knot , and slowly fasten the different branches around the wreath, with the thinner branches on the inside, to not make it too full. And finish everything off with a knot.

4. Then use you creative side and fantasy, apply you decor and candles as you like.

And voila´ - You just saved yourself a fortune and had the best happy time and meditation you could wish for.

Merry Christmas, my favorit time of year !