GERANIUM, a very different but amazing food experience.

We went to have lunch at restaurant GERANIUM on Saturday. First I was totally confused about the address . Geranium is situated in PARKEN where we usually go to support our National Foodball Team. It just did´t make sense to me that a restaurant in this caliber would be placed there. But as soon as you enter the lift to go the 8 flights up to the restaurant you get it. From up there you have a great view of the city all the way to Sweden. It´s a very posh and elegant restaurant which has won many awards for their experimental but great food. They say it best themself in this way : Geranium is a lucid, light and dynamic kitchen. Our mission is to create meals that involve all our senses - restores, challenges and enriches.

And for sure all your senses will be involved and tested and pleased. The location, the interior, the staff, the chef´s and the food are all amazing. Everything which has to do with GERANIUM is designed in,  made by , come from, found in or grown in Denmark and Scandinavia.

We brought Oliver, our 10 year old son to the restaurant. I know it´s not normal to bring kids to places like this, but we have always brought Oliver wherever we go, and he is used to a lot of different things and places. When we entered most people looked a little sceptic, but within no time everybody understood that Oliver was properly one of the guests, who appreciated and enjoyed the food experience of the 13 dishes the most, -much better than his mother who has difficulties sitting still for so long :-)

Geranium has been voted 42nd best restaurant on San Pellegrino's "The Worlds 50 best restaurants in 2014".

The top of Geranium, Søren Ledet and Rasmus Kofoed.

Lovely Interior at Geranium.

The crazy amazing Cellar at Geranium.

Amazing and decorative plates, which Oliver was loving.

Danish interior design.

More delicious and decorative food at Geranium.