The Corner on the corner, Il Angolo.

Just before flying to Mexico on vacation, we made a small stop over in Sicily. And obviously had to visit our favourite restaurant for lunch. Located just around the corner from our home in Sicily, you find this fantastic little exclusive restaurant called, AIl´ AngoloMy favourite place away from home. We have been coming there since Sig. Perni opened it 13 years ago. They have followed our lives since forever, and takes us in, like family. Oliver, our son, who started coming there 9 month before even being born, is perhaps one of the only children, who is really welcome at the restaurant. A little strange for an italian, BUT sig. Peri is a perfectionist.  It´s usually only open for dinner, but anytime we call and ask if we can please please please come for lunch, sig. Perni, will turn his boat around in the Mediterranean sea, where he is usually spending whatever little sparetime he has,  and het up the Volcano Etna, and start cooking his amazing food for us. The restaurant which is approximately 50m2 all included is full of great small cozy classic Sicilian ornaments and he does everything himself ! From bread, pasta, sotto olio to ice creme. Wine, ham, delicacies, vegetable and Grappa he will spend all of his holidays finding. My absolute favourite is "Tagliatelle con Tatufo" , his fantastic homemade pasta with truffle . It´s a MUST to visit if you should ever find your self on the escarpment of Mount Etna.