Le Cap Horn, the best maritime place in the mountains.

The last day of our vacation we treated our self to a great lunch at Le Cap Horn. A MUST when in Courchevel ! This amazing decadent restaurant is like walking on to a movie set. You are met with  loud dance music on the terrace, really glittery looking people, very nice looking staff and a 6 ft. Swarovski skull!!! Inside you are, right away,  presented with the opportunity to purchase a pair of 14 ct. earrings from Moussaieff,  if you should feel the need for that, after a great lunch of ousters or their famous chicken or the choice of one of their more than 600 listed wines. Or if you don´t have the ´trillions´ you would need for that,  you can do what I did, ....... just dive into the best desert table, know to mankind, which has everything from home made crepes, mini ice-creme cone´s, amazing fruitcakes to the most wonderful chocolate mousse.  At Le Cap Horn, the vibe is great, friendly and fun. It´s the perfect playground for grown-ups, with a "little" extra to spend :-)

Le Cap Horn