When it comes to knives, I am a total chicken.

Probably because I had several serious surgical operations in my time. Not to say that I am against cosmetic surgery. Whatever makes you happy..........I am all for it! Nothing is more important than happiness :-)  And I would probably have something done in the future anyway, but for now I will try something els. I love a natural, fresh and soft face. And in my age, having grown up with a bit too much sun, a few bad habits and an inherit of a delicate skin, obviously it does not sit like it used to do......gravity is starting to show.  After the holidays where I may have overdone it a bit, ll try to get slowly back into shape and maybe even visit that famous gym I enrolled in last year :-/    But I will start at the top and work my way down. I will massage my way to a fresher face with this mineral infused Slim Cera beauty roller, I just bought. I will use it twice a day to revitalize skin quality with it´s five diamond-cut mesh rollers that stimulate my facial muscles to roll out dirt, cleanse pores and tighten the skin.

Then I apply Sisley morning and night. Unfortunately I didn´t understand the importance of a toner before 14 days ago, when I was explained that toner removes the lime ( kalk ) of all the water I splash on my face, which makes the skin super dry. And apart from the toner I use my HYDRA-GLOBAL during the day and Black rose olie for the night and let my skin work a little on its own, instead of putting heavy cremes like I used to and then the mask 1 time a week to energise the skin. Pretty simple.......just the way I like it.