Lovely skiing for New Year in Courchevel 1850.

Since forever, we have as a family been going skiing between Christmas and New Year. Usually in places like St. Moritz, Val Dísere, Meribel, Verbier, Sestriere ect. Parents, cousins, nephews, spouses, siblings, minimum 16-18 at the time. And I am sure the groupe next year will be even bigger, ......right mom? This year we chose Courchevel for the first time in many years, for its great skiing when you are a mix of good to great skiers. Brilliant slopes which are cleaned well every night, great restaurants and bars directly on the slopes, fantastic shopping, wonderful Chalet´s to rent and great hotels and spa´s. Sadly, since I had a very bad accident skiing 15 years ago in Italy,  I have not been able to ski. I would stand there every morning waving goodbye to all the others who were so lucky to go up the mountain, and then I would spend the rest of the day making lunch reservations, spa bookings, drinking vin chaud, buying hot chocolate for cold kid´s, making dinner plans and so forth. Not bad, BUT still ! Finally this year I decided it was time to try skiing again. My doctor had given me the ok the year before. The weather and slopes were too good to be true. At first a little stiff but on the second day I got the rhythm back in hips and knees. And it didn't look to bad at all  ;-)