Bring light color into you home, it connects the rooms and gives character .

Are you a little nervous to use color in your home, then start with some lighter colors in a couple of rooms. Keep everything els simple, so you won't be taken by surprise of how it will change your surroundings and the mood in your home. But the right color usually makes everything more interesting. I would go for lighter and softer colors like the ones you see below. I am not a big fan of bright color for day living. Bright color I would use only on smaller objects to make something stand out or to give a special effect and to attract the eye in a shop, a show or other.  Farrow&Ball,  a long existing english paint company, has made it very simple to choose from their palette with a minimal risk of making the wrong choice :-)  

Enjoy and if you have problems choosing, you are very welcome to contact me, Christina


Farrow&Ball, klik her