7 ideas of how to handle messy kid´s.

I know everything there is to know about mess in a child´s room. Oliver who turns 10 today, is still having difficulties cleaning up his room, and I have had to think through all kind of ways to make it practical and orderly in his room. I have used all my nicer shoe boxes, folders, containers, plastic boxes, draws, cupboards to get things out of the way.

Here I will show you a few extra good ideas to storage LEGO, Teddybears, toy cars, books and more. Buy some plain garden paper bags and draw or write what you will place in them, they cost nothing and they are very durable. Get some old wooden boxes, clean them well and paint them in all sort of colours which will go well with the room. The classic IKEA bookcase with storage paper boxes is always a great way to get things in order. Or take a trip to the local fleemarked and browse about to find cute older things, have fun restoring them and use them for book´s and toy´s.


Oliver has this amazing room with oblique or sloped wall´s which takes away some of the total area. To use as much space as possible in the lower area as "exhibition" and storage I have chosen a classic IKEA shelf, turned it around to use it horisontal. 

A great idea is to take plain paper bags, decorate or write what´s inside.

Find wooden boxes, and have a nice time cleaning, painting and decorating them. Panduro has funny things to decorate with. 

Most Flea Markets has great stuff you can use as storage, like here for books.

Great idea :-) Take out the bottom of at cupboard, create an office in there, when you want to clean up - just close the doors !

These boxes for bigger things like Teddybears and ball´s, can be made with a little concentration, of some wood and robe from the local Hardware store.

You need to be quit handy to build this folding table, but it´s a great idea, and when you close it you can place a picture on the back side of the table to make it look like a frame of a painting when closed against the wall. 

I hope you liked some of the ideas, Christina