Taxes Taxes Taxes :-(

Since I will now start working in Denmark and finally will be earning a bit of money. Off couse I must pay my taxes like everybody els. Then it´s just fantastic to have an accountant who shares an office with MADE A MANO so I can enjoy and be inspired by all this fine Italian ceramic on my way to pay my approx. 40% ;-)  

Made a Mano was founded in 2001. The company produces a variety of high end ceramics such as tiles, countertops, sinks, bathtubs and a range of living items that combine traditional handicraft with modern production techniques. 

The owner, NanaKi Bonfils, find inspiration from many corners of the globe fusing these influences with Scandinavian style, colour and glazing.

The most exclusive Made a Mano range is made using lava stone from Mount Etna, the vulcano I have lived on for the past 20 years, and Vesuvio. The raw and extremely resilient lava stone is transformed into long lasting beauty.

In 2013 Made a Mano has developed a new production using the latest and most advanced technologies. The new modern techniques allow Made a Mano to cut the lava stone into amazing shapes and forms and the new improved silkscreening methods enable sharper and more refined patterns.

All products are exclusively handmade, from the cutting through the glazing and free hand drawing decorations, hand printing and silkscreening. Tiles and ceramic like this is usually used for bathrooms, kitchen´s, floor´s and so forth. But now even to create a little drama in rooms as wall covers or just as cutting boards, countertops, plates.....

If you need help to get an idea for your home please contact me at ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR and check out my ceramic at CASA CERAMICA which I produce in Sicily.