Santa Claus has come to town, -at least in our family.

In our family, Christmas has always been very important. Well, actually any type of tradition where we have a good excuse to get together is very important to us. The thing about Christmas is, that every 2nd. year we have to divide up into groups because of spouses, divorces or other. We find it very hard :-) So to get around this problem we just have as many Christmas eve´s as possible. Which means, we started this Saturday with at great full-on Christmas evening at my mothers house, with cousins and spouses flying in from Spain, Italy and France. Full dinner with Champagne, Salmon, Porc, Duck, Ris ala mande, Marzipan and Mandarines-basically a never ending story of filling ourself on fantastic food and drinks while listning to great Christmas carols in the background and having the kids every 30 minutes asking for us to leave the table, to go to the living room to start opening the presents. Just to make sure nobody is left out we will have an other Christmas again here in Cph the 24th. of Dec. in my aunt´s house and after in Sicily with my in-laws. Oliver has 23 first cousins and has the pleasure to see them all, and we make sure he does  :-))))

I will never get too old for Christmas, and the more Mariah-songs I listen to,  ...... the better :-)