Love traveling.......Hate packing !

After many years, and a lot of packing, finally I have understood what´s really important.

It´s not that golden top I thought I could not live without, but instead these maybe boring but practical things, which makes my life so much easier, when away from home ….It´s not sexy, but useful ....

1.Between me, Oliver and Luca I have counted minimum 7 Apple devices and we fight constantly for plugs in hotel rooms.

2.To make absolutely sure to have a nice sleep, I love to bring my own pillow.

3.Enough panties are essential ! I change outfit up to 3 times a day, and I like to be refreshed inside out.

4.I hate mixing clean with used, and will always bring a laundry bag for this reason.

5.My Clarisonic is a MUST to clean my face and neck morning and night.

6.Very often dryers in hotels will only heat up the bathroom but not dry your hair. I always bring my BaByliss, which folds up and takes very little space.

7.When traveling by car I find this Universal charger useful, because within a couples of hours I have been taking a thousand pictures and my iPhone will need a little "juice".

Have a nice trip