Who isn´t fascinated by Leopard.

Less is more.........,  BUT a little Leo is always great!
I can´t help but being fascinated whenever I see a nice leo print, whether it´s on a shoe, a bag or a coat. Since the first time I tried on one of my Grandma´s leopard printed shirt 40 years ago, I have been loving the animal print. Just make sure to mix it with something very simple, whether  it´s in interior or fashion, and you will be able to get away with it, without making it look eccentric. The keyword here is SIMPLE !

Me, on a lovely autumn day in Paris wearing one of my favourite coats, .....keeping it simple. Other than my MAXMARA coat I am wearing Golden Goose sneakers, Chanel bag, Jitrois leather pants and North.dk T-shirt.

Mix and match with leo print in your interior.

Custom made chairs put in a "simple" environment, watch out and don´t overdo it !


 Amazing cape from KARSTEN BACH 

D&G underwear, sorry last years, so sad I didn´t get it myself :-(