Oh My! 12 break-ins in a little cozy street in Cph.

Even though we live in a save and cozy neighborhood in Denmark, it happens here too ! Fortunately the burglars were professionals, and nobody was hurt or very scared.But it´s an invasion of your privacy and a lot of important lost things, which makes people unhappy. Best thing to do ...........is to get one of these.

Great Danes are fantastic family dogs and even if they seem to need lots of space because of their size, they really don´t, because of their close bond to their owner and their quit lazy attitude. Furthermore, they hardly ever bark ( often smaller dog´s do.... like small men! )  But if GreatDanes do, you should give it some attention, because then something is usually wrong!

Having been used to live in our rather large home in Sicily, and often on my own, I have been very happy and save with our 5 GreatDanes :-)

On a couple of occasions people have tried to jump our wall´s, but having been meet with 5 of these "big black ones" , they have been jumping right back over, in fear.

GreatDanes are lovely and cuddly family dog´s, but they will guard you, and get between you and whatever threat.

For sure our ´visitors´ came close to my house here in our cozy little street in Denmark too, but after seeing Caesar welcoming them at the kitchen window, they wisely chose one of my poor neighbours :-/


If you are not really into pet´s get one of these ;-)