Copenhagen Radio City Hall.

Radio City Hall ´Radiohuset´ in Copenhagen was created by the Danish functionalist architect,  Vilhelm Lauritzen, in the years from 1937-45. With help from his dear colleague, architect Finn Juhl who designed most of the furniture in the building. Being build during the war, with very few resources, Vilhelm Lauritzen found that instead of using rubber, he would use cheap soft Finnish birch mixed with teak, to create the right conditions for sound throughout the building. All wall´s are covered with maple, which over the years has turned reddish because of the exposure of the light. The building was conserved in 1994 for being a masterpiece of danish modernism.


During ´Danish Fashion Week´14 ´ I was asked, by Goldmind,  to be responsible for the interior for their ´Jewellery Room ´ event in the beautiful ceramic room which is located on the second floor of Radiohuset. Carl Hansen & Son was very kind to lend us their incredible classic designer furniture for the purpose.